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    • B

      I am putting together a list of certified gluten free juices (provided any exist). Does anyone know of certified gluten free brands. Do want to emphasize, I am not making a list of juices that are labeled gluten free but of brands that have certified gluten free status.

    • Dick L.
      Dick L.

      You could go to the web sites of the certifying organizations. One such is the Gluten Intolerance Group’s “Gluten-Free Certification Organization” (www.gluten.org), which is the primary certifier in the U.S. They have a directory of companies with certified products and products which are certified. There are a number of juices listed in that. Go to the website, pull down Resources, and click on Find Products. That will get you to a PDF which can be searched.

      Another certifier is the Gluten-Free Certification Program (www.gf-cert.org). They have a directory of manufacturers, but you’d need to check each likely one to see if they offer any juices.

      Some googling should find some other certifiers (e.g. some from Europe) who might provide some information.

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