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Travel Success (& Horror) Stories

    • aurora

      Just survived three days in Amsterdam, where the main quest was visiting the Van Gogh museum for the Munch/Van Gogh show. But a person got to eat as well, in order to have the energy for walking all day exploring a new city.

      Places we went

      PANCAKES! Amsterdam All their traditional Dutch pancakes can be made GF (they’re made of traditional buckwheat flour, I think) at no additional cost and are beyond amazing. We (me and my non-gf –but milk allergic– bf) went there for lunch the first day and breakfast the last day. The only con is that the café is kinda small, and it’s not the kind of place you want to sit for hours and hours. And YES, the staff know what they are doing.

      For traditional Dutch food you just have to try Restaurant Haesje Claes. It has a GF menu, and the people working there are aware of cross-contamination issues – not too bad for a 500 year old (!) restaurant.
      Even on days that are super-duper busy they know their stuff, and will rather keep their visitors safe than sorry (for instance, if you’ve got issues with lactose they’ll simply refuse provide you any food with any kind of dairy in it, and even though it might seem a bit over the top I am glad they treat allergies/intolerances etc seriously).
      Bottom line: just go there. Eat and be happy. We went here twice.

      Bagels and Beans is a lunch/breakfast chain you can find about anywhere. They do glutenfree bagles, and keeps things separate (this might mean that you have to wait a bit longer in order to get you food, but that’s a small price to pay). By default they treat GF as a real thing, just as the other restaurants mentioned above. And that makes me (who already dreaded eating out BEFORE going GF) really happy. We tried three different locations. And btw, their fruit juices, tea and coffee are all great.

      I am not a coffee shop kinda person, so for a real coffee experience I recommend going to one of the city’s many Grand Cafés. the kitchens at those places can probably do a lot of gf magic if asked in advance. And if not, you’ll get your coffee served on a silver platter and are free to enjoy the view and history of these cafés.

      In general
      I LOVE AMSTERDAM, and would move there right now if I had the patience to learn Dutch. People are great, nice and understanding. Seemingly, everybody speaks English really well. Most kiosks, grocery stores etc. have gluten free products. As the awareness about coeliac is pretty high, like in the rest of Northern Europe.

      Next time we might try
      Cottoncake – all gf café.
      PIQNIQ – lunch place recommended by gf bloggers.
      La Vina Experience – rumors have it the owner has coeliac.
      Lieve – Belgian food, recommended by gf bloggers.
      Spaghetteria – best GF pasta in town.

      Additinal rescources (nope, didn’t write any of them)

      Have fun!

    • leonamarie

      I’m going to Amsterdam in three weeks this will definitely come in handy! Can’t wait. Thank you

    • KevinBrown

      I travel to Amsterdam with and I can’t understand how to live without this thing. What do you use or put in your bags when you travel to Amsterdam? It is interesting to discuss it I think. And what do you do there?

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