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Young Adults

    • amyb

      Hi! I was just diagnosed with Celiac a few months ago as a 20 something, and it has complicated dating life a little bit because the typical dinner date is not an option for me or too stressful worrying about cross-contamination. Any suggestions for casual date ideas that don’t center around food? Especially for a newer relationship where all the details of celiac disease aren’t on the table yet.

    • Anny

      Hi amyb, I was diagnosed three years ago and finding suitable dating locations still gives me a headache. I usually try to meet up for coffee/ tea at a coffee shop. I have a tea or soda and just find an excuse not to eat anything which never caused any issues so far. That way I don’t have to stress about cross-contamination, any symptoms or my date struggling with this new piece of information. Alternatively, I also went on dates to go ice-skating, bowling, visiting the zoo or seeing interesting exhibitions. It’s all about getting creative and finding activities that don’t centre around food like you said. Good luck.

    • MinaGluti

      Yep, find common interest in other things. Search the web for date ideas. I’ve enjoyed park runs, craft shops, ice cream/yogurt places, skating, and more.

      One issue I’ve run into is longer dates where we’re out and about for hours and then I get hungry. However, my significant other was a techy and adeventurer so he downloaded Yelp and some other apps to locate GF spots. Sometimes he tried them before me and other times we tried them together. I think he enjoyed the challenge. If you have any other questions feel free to reply.

      Btw, kissing is like cross-contamination.

      Good luck!

Viewing 2 reply threads

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