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Travel Success (& Horror) Stories

    • MeganHile

      I am planning a vacation for 20 family members for the summer of 2018. Our daughter (9 years old) was diagnosed last summer with CD. If it were up to just my family of 4, we would be finding a house on the beach with a kitchen and making our own food. However, there are 16 other people involved in the destination decision, most of whom can’t wrap their brains around what Celiac really is.

      Does anyone have experience with an all-inclusive resort? I’m looking for the good and the bad! If you have , resort locations, restaurant names, and even the names of your favorite chefs, I will take them!!!

      Here are the Must-Haves:
      SAFE options that consist of more than fruit plates and dry steak
      Adult and kid friendly
      NOT Disney
      On the beach

      We did a cruise last year and it was a nightmare. Not interested in being stuck on a boat with my Celiac girl again.

    • RosiesMom

      My husband and I went to an all inclusive resort in Cancun many years ago. I don’t remember the name. Easily ten years ago when gluten free was odd and Unknow. At the time I was recently diagnosed with Celiac and just starting to feel a bit better. I did shockingly well and did not get sick. The food was fantastic and had plenty of wine. I stuck to my very limited diet of whole foods and non-marinaded meats. I had very basic Spanish knowledge for ordering food.

      I always do well with Mexican food as far as finding something that should be safe. Corn tortillas. Very little dairy in the more rural Mexican food.

      IMO if I were going back, I would bring breakfast items like muffins or cereal and possibly bread. Lunch and dinner are easy. I would use the translator apps and ask very basic questions of the resorts before booking. Do you offer gluten free meals? Can you send me a menu? Can you accommodate a special diet request at all restaurants on site? Etc.

      Additionally, I’d consider finding a place that is close to a shopping district so you can go out to eat or buy food from a market easily. Print plenty of cards explaining exactly what is needed in both English and the local language. Use brief statements and basic words. Servers are usually scared of cleaning vomit at their tables so I make sure that is one of the words used to describe a reaction. It gets the point across.
      Best of luck.

    • Chris Kinzer
      Chris Kinzer

      We will be traveling to Mexico in April of 2017, We stay at the Bahia Principe, Coba section. We belong to a Bahia Lovers site on Facebook, I asked the question about being Celiac and what I could eat while I was there. The response was amazing. I just have to go to the front desk ask for a letter in Spanish to be given to the waiter and chiefs about my disease and they will give me a tour of what I can eat on their buffet, and when we go to A la cartes a special menu will be given to me. I was told on this site that many members have the same problem and they have no issues of being sick or cross contaminated. I was told Mexico is a corn based so most of their foods are thickened with corn flour.

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