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Parents w/ Celiac Kids

    • CJ

      My son’s blood work came back positive for Celiac Disease. I don’t know what this means exactly and I haven’t seen the results.

      But, I do know he’s been sick for months and is missing an hour of school each day in the bathroom with cramping and diarrhea.

      I have some questions and hope someone can help:

      –My son has an appointment with a GI specialist in mid-March. Assuming he has Celiac Disease, how long from diagnostic endoscopy to dietary changes until he feels better? (I’m sure it varies, but looking for a ballpark here.)

      –Any advice about what to do with school? I kind of want to pull him out and let him do his last half of the year in an online program. I’m curious how others handled school during the diagnostic process?

      Any advice is awesome.

    • Jenuine

      CJ, I am just seeing this now and hope you have some answers.

      My daughter was diagnosed at 5, so my answers might be a little different. Every person is different. My daughter noticed a difference the first day without gluten. Not 100% cured, but not sick all the time either.

      Why would you pull your kid out of school? Is he getting teased for being in the bathroom? If you send your kid in with safe food, they should be fine. I sat down with our food services team and now they make safe, healthy lunches for my daughter. Thankfully, the school nurse already knew about celiac and helps me when food is brought in the classroom. I would think it would be harder socially to pull your kid out of school.

      I hope things have settled down for you. Those first weeks of diagnosis can be very emotional for everyone. Can you give us an update? I am happy to help in any way. Hang in there.

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