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    Sue In Alberta

    Hey, GD, congrats on your “Blogger of the Year Award”! Goes to show you how much your efforts are appreciated. You’ve “grown” a community where we can share info, vent and have a few laughs along the way and isn’t that what it’s all about.

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      Gluten Dude

      Thanks tons Sue. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished here. Lots more awareness to raise.

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    Chrissy D M

    Yay @ your win for Blogger of the Year Gluten Dude! *I voted for you LOL* You totally deserve it!

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    Jersey Girl

    Niiiiice GD-

    Blogger of the year…you bleeping rock. Love the labels. Checked the address and i pass through washington’s crossing every day. You all have to check out her website, cool blogs and recipes.

    Jersey Girl

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    Lucía Beceiro

    Dear Dude,
    First of all, CONGRATS on the blogger of the year award!! You definitely deserve it, and though I don’t comment much here I always read your posts. Now that that’s said… OMG haha this article reminds me so much of my kitchen. (Being the only celiac at home) everything gf is labelled, with a sharpie or piece of paper with my name taped on of course haha So, I’m definitely trying a more serious approach like you did haha

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    First off congrats on your award. Thanks for posting this. These labels are so cool, especially the dishwasher safe ones!

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    Those look like a grand idea for those who live/work with WEs. :)

    And congrats, my friend on a well-deserved award!

    I’ll tell the hubs he can to stop hitting the “vote” button every 15 minutes now.

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    Gluten Dude

    Thanks to everyone for your kudos and special thanks to Irish Heart’s husband :)

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    Congratulations Gluten Dude! I just blogged about you, too. I think your site is great!

    Love the stickers. When my daughter was little we used to put smiley face stickers on all the foods she could eat. Especially like the one for the sponge.

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    Celiac Mindwarp

    Congratulations on the award, you now officially the best :) . We all knew it.

    There should surely be a related award for best spouse of gluten free blogger, we know Mrs Dude would have to win that.

    Nice labels too.

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    I ordered some labels when I was going through diagnosis. If you’re living on the right hand side of the pond, I strongly recommend getting some inexpensive address labels. Mine live on the butter tub, my toaster, and anything else that might get muddled. Mine read:

    Mum’s Gluten-Free Stuff
    NO breadcrumbs
    NO toast crumbs
    OR ELSE!

    It keeps the Wheaties in order!

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