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    The Dr. Oz Show is ridiculous!! Dr. Oz and so many of the “experts” he has on his show, are constantly spewing out shit loads (excuse my language) of terrible advice and misinformation… Seriously, don’t even get me started!! Anyway, I’m homebound and essentially bedridden due to years of undiagnosed Celiac, a handful of other autoimmune diseases, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, and some brutal chronic infections. So, I’m in bed yesterday, flipping through the channels (I had been watching politics, all day long, and just needed a break from it), and I land on Dr. Oz and this exact segment. I was literally shouting at the television set, “What the hell are you talking about?!?! SPELT IS NOT GLUTEN FREE!!!!!” Geez!! I was Dx with Celiac ~ 15 years ago, so, after all of these years, I know “my stuff”, regarding what is, and what is NOT, gluten free. But what about all of the newly Dx persons with Celiac, who think Dr. Oz is “God”, and believe every word said on that show??? How many newly Dx persons, with either Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity, after watching that show, are now going to be “glutened” (more like poisoned) from consuming spelt, because it’s gluten free according to the Dr. Oz show? It really is a crime, to be spreading such truly harmful information out, to such an incredibly large audience!! And nobody fact-checked the show before it aired??? Ugh!! Makes me so angry!! 😡 If It were up to me, Dr. Oz would not be allowed on tv.

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    Aughghgh!! My best wishes to Shell; I appreciated your comment. Ugh. Is Dr Oz an actual MD? Wow. Amazing ignorance. And people wonder why I stay away from “gluten free” packaged foods, etc., etc. One more ….aughghghgh!!!!

    Thanks as always GD.

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    Sybil Nassau

    OZ is a remarkable and famous heart surgeon in NYC- he may not have wanted to correct Harper on TV and embarrass him. Some info on his show is helpful and correct. I too was yelling at the tv- lets all write to OZ and tell him!

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      Cali Celiac

      Before you defend Dr. Oz you should do a little research. He hasn’t actually practiced medicine in years, making his living off of TV shows and endorsements. This is from the Wikipedia page on him:
      “He is a proponent of alternative medicine, and has been criticized by physicians, government officials, and publications, including Popular Science and The New Yorker, for giving non-scientific advice and promoting pseudoscience. In a Senate hearing on weight loss scams, Senator Claire McCaskill chided Oz, saying: “The scientific community is almost monolithic against you in terms of the efficacy of the three products you call miracles”.[8] In 2014 the British Medical Journal examined over 400 medical or health recommendations from 40 episodes of his program and found that only 46% of his claims were supported by reputable research, while 15% of his claims contradicted medical research and the remainder of Oz’s advice were either vague banalities or unsupported by research.[9]”

      Here’s the link to the page for the details. I would strongl;y recommend against taking advice from him or his show.

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    I actually had a naturopath tell me the same thing years ago, luckily I tend to ignore people who don’t know what the heck their talking about.

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    Under the topic of not gluten free, I keep hearing about how wheat starch is supposedly gluten free because the gluten protein has somehow been fully isolated and removed, thus making it safe for those who are gluten sensitive. This recent story tells of one company’s technique whereby “the gluten is washed out using untreated spring water in a ‘natural’ process”.

    Frankly, I’m very skeptical. This sounds like gluten-removed beer and “gluten free” Cheerios all over again. Besides, isn’t it the gluten portion of the wheat that gives baked goods their familiar texture? Which means wheat starch won’t really do anything that other truly gluten free starches (e.g., tapioca) can’t also do, so what’s the point?


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