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    This morning I read the post from Celiac Soldier April 2015. It’s precisely what I needed to read today. I had a total meltdown yesterday over my difficult life. Celiac Soldier put it all into just the right words for me. Thank you Celiac Soldier and thanks Gluten Dude.

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      Gluten Dude

      You are quite welcome Carol.

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    Beyond cancer, Glyphosate is a chelator, which will demineralize the plants, soil, and your body (really not good). Do a web search for “Marion Copley” and “Glyphosate” to read more about the hazards of this weed killer. Marion was an EPA scientist.

    The web site has good information.

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    Thank you so much for bringing this up, Gluten Dude. This is part of the reason why I added Organic to the already complicated Gluten Free requirements I have. It’s complex and strict, but it helps me a lot. I’m constantly amazed that they get away with this sort of thing. If Mr. Kellogg were alive today he’d be livid. He was trying to make a healthy cereal. Denial of tainted food is not his intention. The part of this that scares me is the antibiotic aspect of it. Apparently glyphosate disturbs the gut biome of animals and people.

    EWG has done some great work exposing this lack of enforcement by the EPA, and the EPA is now considering reauthorizing glyphosate for another 15 years. There are increasing calls for banning it entirely. If you look at the tolerances, you can pick out the crops that have the most glyphosate, by the tolerance levels jumping from 0.2 ppm to 30ppm or more. I’m guessing those crops use glyphosate to “ripen” the grain before harvest.

    No wonder people are abandoning grains entirely and going Paleo.

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      Gluten Dude

      Thanks for the info Angelica.


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