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    Wendy - PalmTreesGlutenFree

    OMG Mashed Potatoes???!!!

    Amazing what people are allowed to do, say and get paid for it as well.

    Sad that this will potentially be read by over 3 million people.

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    What tha Fluff? Rolling my eyes and I believe they are now stuck.

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      Ha ha ha, Denise. In my grumpiness over my disease, I’m with you. :)

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    This makes my head explode. I agree with everything you have said! What a freaking joke.

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    Makes me a little embarrassed to be Canadian! Not that such ignorance seems to be limited to the Great White North!

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    Although her experiment and lack of preperation is severely lacking, I am glad that she commented on having more tolerence and appreciation for the GF army who aren’t just trying it out. We need to people to understand.

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    Is she a journalist? I can’t tell. She’s writing a special column on one week challenges to do different things. Her Twitter handle doesn’t reflect one of a journalist, either. (@CocoShea)

    Gluten Dude, I think we’ve got to think outside of our zone right now. I get asked zomg, like, every time I go out to a restaurant if potatoes are gluten free. Most people *really* don’t know.

    I give her credit for announcing her change in opinion about folks with dietary concerns are not just picky guests. I also give her credit for noticing that her weight loss was NOT from the gluten elimination but from noticing what she put in her mouth.

    The sad part about the article is that its online. It will remain around forever, in search results, for people to read. At least most of the comments are positive about how and why to eat gluten free.

    To turn this to a positive note…

    I have been doing an MBA class and our business plan proposal has been to build a gluten free and nut free bakery. At least half of the question and answer sessions for each presentation (we’re up to 6 so far) has been “ask me any question about gluten” and “dispel the rumor time” so that people can ask their honest questions about what gluten is without feeling stupid or get the TV soundbite answer. I’ve undone weeks of stupid columns like this with real, practical answers.

    What’s now happened is well illustrated by this chat I had with one of my teammates over the weekend: “As I walked into Panera today, a family was in here. The mom was asking all sorts of questions. Come to find out, because they sat close to me, the mom of the family can’t have gluten. Everyone else in the family could, but it sounded like she is still fairly new to not eating Gluten. I just thought it was interesting, two months ago, I would not have even paid attention.”

    I think we affect people more by positive change, and I’m really proud of my teammate for starting to notice the issue on a practical level. It will lead her to be a more tolerant person over the rest of her life.

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    Jersey Girl

    Reminds me of two semi-recent situations they are equally annoying as that half assed journalist.

    1. Thanksgiving circa 2011, 2010…etcetc.

    Person related to me but not me: “It’s turkey, it not really meat. Besides it’s Thanksgiving.”
    Me: “Seriously…? It’s not really meat, then just what the bleep is it???”

    2. Dominoes (ya, i know you posted on theis GD, allow me to vent…)
    Me: “Hi, is your GF pizza really gluten free….?”
    Dominoes: “Welll. Um yeah.” “Well the toppings are gluten free.”
    Me=Smartass; “So I should just order the toppings without the pizza to be sure…”
    Dominoes; “I’m not sure we do that…”
    *the rest of the conversation went downhill from there.

    My poiht being, unless you truly are affected or are educated about this POV shut the hell up. Just because gluten free living is getting notice does not equal a trending story. Thanks for using us Courtenay to boost your story.

    Jersey Girl

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    I taught journalism courses for a few years.

    There is no investigative premise (she started off poorly because wheat free is not gluten free)

    therefore, the rest of the article is….useless.

    I give it a D for :

    D on’t write about something unless you D o some research first.

    …. and this article is not just mere fluff, it is the equivalent of those
    dust bunnies that continuously gather under my bed, despite my constant cleaning and make me wonder…”oh, come on! how on earth did they get under there AGAIN?”

    Now, that might have made a good investigative article and would have given me some valuable information! :)

    As for the concept that it is part of a series for “tackling self-improvement” well, at least she admits she has learned to be more empathetic to others with health conditions and specific dietary needs and stop making fun of them.

    Finally learning to be polite and kind at her age is an improvement in her character, I guess.

    This is why I did not give it an F.

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    The Atomic Mom

    Gluten Dude, write the newspaper and offer to give a follow up…you know a REAL life story. Tell them what you’ve told us.

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    I used to think journalists had integrity. Then I watched The Wire. And now I’ve read this drivel (I mean the article of course, not this blog). And as a Canadian, I’m now boycotting the Globe. What crap.

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    Could THIS blog post be forwarded to them??

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    Celiac Mindwarp

    I can’t even get past the basic wheat = gluten thing.


    Still, it makes some of our doctors look almost knowledgeable.

    Maybe Jennifer Esposito could be persuaded to send them an article??

    The newspaper should be ashamed.

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    Donna ddv

    A week? When I went gluten free, it took me a good 6 months to stop making mistakes!

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    As a former journalist, this really steams me. It should have never gotten past round one of editing. I understand the appeal of trying to do something dramatically different for a set amount of time (day in the life, week in the life, etc.) because they make for great features. The problem comes in when you don’t know what the heck you are talking about. Any first-year J-school student knows you have to do the legwork of research, even on more “creative” pieces. Just sad.

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    Laci Rich

    Your blog needs a “YES! LIKE!” button. I’m so tired of people treating gluten free life like a joke or a fad…….


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