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    Glutendude, have you considered that you can get glutened through soap not through skin absorption but by having soap residue on your hands, then eating? Think of highly perfumed soaps, something is still on your hands…

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      We try not to use any body care product (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc) that has gluten in it. Simply because my kids are going to put their hands in their mouths or rinse their hair and the water will get in their mouths. Granted they are children and once they are older they will be better at not doing this… but I try to go a little overboard with all of the risks now while they are young so that when they are teenager and ease up to fit in… they are still safe.

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    To the mother of the teenage girl: I am a mental health therapist and one of the things I see quite frequently is people with disordered. If you have the resources you might get her into see a counselor/therapist to help her work through her fears. My biggest concern for your is that eating disorders can actually become present with celiacs and vice versa. Some people use the disease as a way to not eat because “they cannot” or “its too scary.” Hopefully she can learn that you cannot stop living even with this disease!

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    GD- I know the Mayo Clinic etc… is stating that gluten can not be absorbed through the skin…I am skeptical.( Molecule too big- what’s the basis?) Our skin is our largest organ of absorption. (Not to mention we put our fingers in our mouth or eyes on occasion.) When I had products containing wheat I rashed on my body, hair (Exhaustion, D, etc…) . When I fed my animals wheat containing feed- I rashed & was sick for a long time. Changed all my feed. I just changed their straw- again- rashed out. With our skin being our largest organ of absorption I think more research needs to be done. Anyhow, I am not taking any chances. I am sick more than I am well.

    To the woman with the husband who “doesn’t get it”. This is such a hard disease for people to wrap their head around. Especially the older generations who didn’t have it when they were young. I have gotten real snarky in my replies to my family because they are dealing with their own denial of sensitivities & would rather pop an immodium. End result of this disease is cancer or death. Would you give a kid with a peanut allergy a peanut butter sandwich? Would you give a diabetic a diet of sugar? Every time there is change you will have resistance. Be your own best friend and start preparing your meals in a safe kitchen. If you go to an event- make your own food and keep some aside so you won’t worry. Best of luck to you.

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      I am also an intense DH sufferer (CD, 3 types of cancer and 5 retina surgeries from previously undiagnosed CD). After 4 yrs of as GF as possible, I’m doing pretty well FINALLY. I just took my first flight in 7 yrs (to gf concerned Denver). Although the restaurants did a wonderful job feeding me, it’s taken over a month for my skin and gut to return to my new normal, which I can only surmise was caused by minute amounts of CC and/or some external contact because everything I ate was naturally GF and the restaurants certainly appeared to be very careful.

      I’ve also wondered about how much my skin contact with gluten affects me systemically and internally with my level of extreme intolerance of gluten.

      My Dad recently died from extremely painful bone cancer in January. During our care for him, I had to administer Dilaudid orally (pills and liquid) and Fentanyl patches for pain control. The hospice nurses strenuously admonished me to be VERY careful even touching and/or handling these extremely potent drugs and told me to do NOT even let them come in contact with my skin. I saw this week the article linked below regarding a police officer who almost died this week just by touching Fentanyl during an auto drug bust. So obviously our skin does absorb internally and systemically.

      I certainly don’t want to scare anyone and I feel for the little girl who is currently concerned about touching menus. As sensitive to gluten as my body is, I’m not at really concerned about such casual contact as a menu with gluten affecting my everyday life. However, as easily as Fentanyl is obviously absorbed internally by external skin contact, for some of us, we should at least be aware of the possibilities in which gluten can affect us while remaining completely rationale about living our lives. I don’t rub flour on myself and I’m very careful about skin products and toothpastes; however, as sensitive as my previously tough calloused hands are now (I lose several layers of skin from time to time with no real known causes) I don’t doubt that skin contact with gluten could be the culprit and, at this point in my gf journey, my Drs won’t rule out skin contact with gluten as the culprit.

      I know my Drs don’t know everything about CD and DH, as they have admitted to me personally, and it’s a little disconcerting how many medical personnel will discount the possible affects of gluten on some of us without having the slightest idea of what they don’t know.

      We should always be rational and scientific with our daily thought processes and practices, but as Gluten Dude always preaches, nobody knows our bodies better than ourselves.

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        I saw that article~scary stuff out there now; drugwise! DH sucks & I don’t think the Dr.’s know enough about CD. Luckily, mine at least has an open ear & I am scheduled for a whole battery of new tests. Just maintaining health without a flare is my life goal right now. Two months barf free right now! Sometimes it’s the small victories. Good health & prosperity to you.

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      Fiona Harrison

      Have you been checked for having a wheat allergy as well as coeliac disease? Sounds like you it might be worth getting an allergy test if you are getting rashes as a topical reaction.

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    The girl in the restaurant had a point! How many of us get up and wash our hands between ordering and eating?! I’m starting to wonder how many times I’ve been glutened this way at restaurants that have good practices but make me sick anyway. Huh.

    Don’t pathologise the girl. At least not based on this example! Hell, I won’t eat at restaurants at all. Been sick too many times to count. Is the therapist coming for me too? LOL

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    Fiona Harrison

    Sometimes gluten can be somewhere you just didn’t think to look, I am usually very careful (14 months post diagnosis and antibody levels down to normal in first year) . I was feeling ‘glutened’ the other week, took me ages, and a question from my Mum, to realise I had eaten pickles with corned beef for 4 days and not once did I think to check the ingredients (thought I’d had them since my diagnosis, was wrong). Boy did I feel stupid. Also, to the people with the anaphylaxis story – you must have an allergy to wheat or something else as pretty sure coeliac disease, being auto-immune and not an allergy, doesn’t cause anaphylaxis. I’d be getting that checked out!

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    A comment/question for the person who is off to boarding school in a non-gf country. Firstly, having just got home from a trip to Indonesia where I basically lived off rice and veg for a week, I feel your stress, and can barely imagine what facing a couple of years in that situation feels like. Will it be possible for you to supplement the fresh veg your school can provide with other items sent from home via the mail/Amazon/other internet sources? Or at least can you pack enough non-perishable gf supplies to keep you going when off campus?

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    I have a wheat allergy and am not sure if someone with celiac could be affected similarly, but I had problems with liquid soap that a person had refilled because he/she mishandled the pump, possibly with residue on his/her hands, or the pump was placed in a spot with residue on it. I then used the soap to wash my hands and then ate food with my hands. I ended up with symptoms. I explain this more here,


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