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    Now that’s a darn good list – so ditto!

    And I have to add for me “let my intestines heal sooner than later so the weight loss/malasorption stops” – cause it’s scaring me to look like the 3rd world malnutrition images. :(

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    You rock in so many ways, Gluten Dude. Here’s to a healthy, joyous and successful 2015 for you and Mrs Dude.

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    Sounds good. I feel like the harder we work as a community, the better things will get in 2015 and beyond. Have a happy, Dude. Best to Mrs. Dude and the Dudettes.

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    Best of luck Cindi. Hang in there and keep fighting the good fight. You WILL feel better!

    I too wish that my guitars weren’t collecting so much dust. Dude, if you’re ever in Nashvegas, look me up. I’ll brush up on my Springsteen and maybe we can have a little jam session.

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    Colette Ledoux

    Merry Christmas! Your list is spot-on. I’m wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Thank you for your commitment to the celiac cause, and the community.

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      Gluten Dude

      Many thanks Colette. Happy holidays.

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    I’ve been reading your posts without commenting since my celiac diagnosis back in October, but I just wanted to say, thanks so much Gluten Dude and I hope you get everything on your wishlist.

    I too am hoping for more kitchen creativity and less scrambled eggs in 2015.

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      Gluten Dude

      Thanks Alanna. And yes…less scrambled eggs for sure.

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        Necessity being the mother of invention, being forced to go GF is what led to my discovery of shakshuka. And a lot of other great NATURALLY GF (the best kind of GF) stuff from the Old World. Unfortunately it seems on our transatlantic trek, we in North America abandoned perhaps too much of the old culinary ways.

        Best holiday wishes to one and all!

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    And to you too buddy.

    Can i add- I wish to find this magical little pill you take to make it safe to eat gluten. (You know, the one everyone who knows nothing about celiac asks why you dont take.)

    Merry Christmas and a safe dinner to you all.

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    el Hefe

    I think the world can rest easy that I won’t be picking up my accordion any time soon. But that doesn’t mean I’ve lost hope FDA will get off its unreasonable keister about 0333 and 0842. Know what I mean Drs. Hamburg and Woodcock?

    Wishing GD and everyone a “happy new one” this year!

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    Wonderful wishes, Dude!
    Wishing I had some pull with Santa and could make these things happen for you! I’ll keep wishin …!
    THE gfJules

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    Merry Merry Christmas to the Dude family and community! Got me a new phone, so now your site works for me on the mobile again. Yay!


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