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    Thank you for helping lead the fight for better food safety. It’s amazing how much the expectations have changed. I still deal with a few old timers who think it’s ok to eat CC’d food, because in their day that was all there was, or they didn’t eat out at all. I can really see the difference in attitude today. I probably already had Celiac in 2011, but I didn’t suspect it. That was actually about 3 years after my anemia diagnosis. Which didn’t trigger an automatic Celiac screening. Today it would though, I hope. In 2017 I was finally diagnosed with NCGS, then later with Celiac. I’m really grateful to your site and those others in the community that interpret gluten free in a strict way and have a focus on real food, not packaged junk. Thanks for injecting some sanity into the conversation.

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    Cathy LB

    Thanks for all your hard work. You and Mrs. Dude have a great 2020!


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