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    Happy birthday, Dude. And I used a toilet in the US yesterday with a bidet function, but I did not try it. I was scared. Is that the answer?

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      Gluten Dude

      I’m just really curious what it’s like. Don’t ask why.

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        A bidet is a glorious and wondrous invention. Some businesses and restaurants have them here (Honolulu) because they’re so popular in Japan.

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    Question 21:
    “Two ol’ boys were sittin’ on the front porch one hot afternoon.
    One Boy’s old dog started licking his *”unmentionables”*
    The other Boy looked at his friend and said, ‘Man, I wish I could do that.’
    His friend said, ‘Don’t be stupid boy – that dog’d bite you!”

    Which is only to encourage Dude, if it still hurts you to pee (Q17) and with your past & recent history, I hope all is well & your Med tests are coming out as you desire … my well wishes for your great health are with you (& Mrs Dude on the Dude Ranch) my friend!
    I know Mrs Dude will not let you ignore your health as men are wont to do.

    & Happy Birthday & many, many more !!!

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      Gluten Dude

      Many, many, many thanks Hap!!

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    Happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead!

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      Gluten Dude

      Thanks. Maybe even 52 more wonderful years ahead.

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    Laura R

    Happy Birthday!! Just turned 52 myself…I will add to your questions with a simple one….why do some people say “celiacs”?

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      Gluten Dude

      We are like fine wine. Aging gracefully. And that’s a real good question. One of life’s many wonders.

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    Laura R

    Probably need more, I mean when it is not used in a plural sense…”she has celiacs disease”…or “I have celiacs” sounds weird to me, always sounds like CELIAX…I guess when your over 50 you start to ponder meaningless stuff:)

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    Happy Birthday!
    Hope it’s a healthy, prolific, prosperous year.

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      Gluten Dude

      I will take all 3 of those things. Thank you.

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    Happy 52, Dude! Hope you have a great day! And I wish I had the answer to why a few OLD, WHITE, GUYS are in charge of our health care. Worst in the world! Love and appreciate all you do. Keep up the great job.

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      Gluten Dude

      Yep…we are quickly becoming the worst in the world. Makes me sad for the next generation.

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    Cali Celiac


    They say it’s your birthday, well, Happy Birthday to you. Have a grand one! And many more to follow!

    Along with the plural usage of Celiacs I struggle with ‘glutened’. How do you pronounce that? 2 syllables or 3? Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

    Lastly, question 8, “Why does anyone think its ok for our president, or anybody for that matter, to mock a disabled person?” struck a nerve with me. My son has a serious disability (Fibrous Dysplasia in his left femoral neck which is being held together with a titanium rod) and along with CD, Muscular Dystrophy runs in my family (I’ve lost 2 uncles, an aunt and 2 cousins to the disease) so it’s personal to me. It makes my blood boil when people mock, taunt or make fun of disabled people. They deserve compassion and support, not ridicule! Done ranting, I’m going to try and get back to my happy place again.


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    Sybil Nassau

    Hey Dude, first – a very Happy Birthday- please take care of yourself! A concern about your comment “it hurts to pee”…. I really wish you would check this out; It is NOT normal and may be connected (or not connected) to your history. And it is too important to ignore. Loved your questions and, at the age of 77, I have no answers to any of them- lots of thoughts but no answers. I agree it is wrong to make fun of anyone with a disability. My 3 daughters grew up with an aunt who was disabled from cerebral palsy and being so close to her, early on they regarded her with compassion, love and the utmost consideration. That may well be part of the answer- education at an early age- no different than making fun of someone with celiac disease who looks like everyone else, but indeed suffers on the inside with an incurable disease. Making fun of them asking questions in a restaurant is no different.Enjoy your day!!


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