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    I would be interested in more information about this, I don’t find anything when I search for it:
    It was decided that those with asymptomatic symptoms
    Should not be screened for our disease

    I was diagnosed early this year after an upper endoscopy unrelated to celiac, then confirmed it with the blood test afterwards, my number was higher than they bother to measure. I am (so called) asymptomatic, but once I went GF a number of health problems cleared up for me. It is my belief that I have had it for at least 8 years, very possibly longer. I think they need to add to the list of what they consider symptoms.

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    Dude, your remarks
    are always right on.
    It’s people like you
    that help us be strong.

    Your posts make me smile,
    They make me cheer!
    They encourage me to press
    for truly gluten free beer. :0)

    So thanks for the info,
    the advice, the facts,
    to help us talk to all those
    ‘gluten friendly’ hacks.

    And happy birthday!
    Celebrate in style!
    Because you, Dude,
    make our community smile.


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