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Hey there. This is yours truly…Gluten Dude. As you can tell by this website, I’m a pretty avid blogger, as my 650+ blog posts and 35,000+ comments can attest to. There is something so incredibly rewarding about reaching a large audience and truly making a difference within a community. It’s empowering. But it doesn’t come easy.

First, you need to absolutely believe in what you are blogging about. The passion has to be there. Otherwise, you won’t come across as authentic and you’ll never gain an audience. Believe it or not…this is the easy part.

Second, you have to know how to set up a blog.

And how do you set up a blog?

  • Register your domain name (i.e. glutendude.com).
  • Set up web hosting (the server will your blog will reside).
  • Install WordPress on your server.
  • Find and pick a blog theme.
  • Customize/brand the theme.
  • Add your content.
  • Launch the blog.

To accomplish the above, you can either hire a web design company to do it ($$$$$) or attempt to do it yourself (@#$%&!). Yeah…neither one is a great option.

Third, once your blog is launched (congrats!), you have to know how to actually be an effective blogger.

And how do you become an effective blogger?

  • Write attention-getting headlines/titles.
  • Optimize each post for the search engines.
  • Format your content for optimization and impact.
  • Find images (yes…there are awesome free ones out there that you can use.)
  • Encourage your audience to leave comments.
  • Keep your plugins updated.
  • Monetize your blog (if you desire).

I know it seems overwhelming. And to a lot of people it is. But don’t let it stop you. If you decide you want to blog, I want to help you.

And that is why I created Build My Blog, a complete blogging platform. It offers everything you will need to design, build, launch, manage, market and monetize your blog.

Remember those two lists above that you just read? Yep…we do ALL of that for you. From registering a domain to launching your blog to helping you run your blog, we’re with you every step of the way.

How Does Build My Blog Work?

It couldn’t be more simple. All you do is select a blog template, choose your color scheme and pick your font. We set up your blog for you while you write a couple of blog posts and within 7 days, you are live and are an official blogger (seriously…congrats!)

I want to start a blogAnd then (yes…there’s more), we also teach you how to be the best blogger you can be. Upon signup, you will receive 4 eBooks:

– 50 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog
– 42 Ways to Be a Better Blogger
– 31 Ways to Monetize Your Blog
– The Anatomy of the Perfect Blog Post

And we also provide you with 60 video tutorials, showing everything you’ll need to know to manage your blog, excel at search engine optimization and understand Google Analytics. Yeah…we’re the full package. (For your viewing pleasure, here’s a list of all of the features and benefits of Build My Blog.)

So if fear of the unknown is holding you back from starting a blog, let Build My Blog be your guiding force. And for a limited time, I’ll throw in a coupon code for $100 off. During checkout enter the code glutendude and you’ll get a hundred buck discount.


I have no advertising on this site and I plan on keeping it that way. If you'd like to say thanks for the efforts I put in to the celiac community, my TIP JAR is open. Thanks!

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