There is a God (and She's Gluten Free)


I’m pretty awful in the kitchen. No creativity. No flair. Little talent.

I’m so bad at cooking that when I cook a meal, my family says prayer AFTER they eat.
I’m so bad at cooking the flies all chipped in and fixed the hole in our screen door.
I’m so bad at cooking that our dogs go to our neighbors to eat.

(Yeah…I know…you don’t have to say it.)

But I’ve decided to change this. Well…at least try to change this.

Why? I’ve gotten bored.

Mrs. Dude makes some great meals, but unless she’s cooking every one of my meals (which I don’t expect), I fall into such a food rut. Kind Bar first thing in the am with my coffee; a bowl of cereal a few hours later; a rice dish or eggs for lunch; almonds or some other quick afternoon snack; and then whatever dinner may bring. BORING.

So I decided to be proactive about it.

And who did I turn to for my first recipe?

Why the Gluten-Free Goddess of course. She’s been serving up gluten-free recipes for some time now and has a real strong following so I figured it was a good place to start.

For my first recipe, I know I wanted salmon and I also wanted something that I could not totally butcher, no matter how hard I tried. Something quick and easy. She’s got a great search feature on her site and I found my recipe: Easy Agave and Lime Salmon. You had me at “easy” Karina.

A quick run to the store and I’ve got my ingredients, although finding Agave Nectar was like searching for the holy grail. The first guy I asked took me to where the Gatorade was. The second guy gave me a complete blank stare. The third guy pointed me in the general direction of “that side of the store”. Thanks guys.

gluten onions
Was I supposed to have this many onions left over??

I had to make a few adjustments. I used crushed garlic from a jar instead of fresh garlic (garlic cloves always confuse me…I told you I was a hack) and I used white onion instead of red onion (and it seems I had way to many onions even though I only used half of what the recipe called for).

The picture above is how it looked before going in the oven. No matter how it tasted, it was already the best LOOKING meal I’ve ever made.

And the picture below is the meal in all its cooked glory.

How’d it taste? Really, really good. I think my taste buds went into shock. Just a bit heavy on the onion. So much so in fact I’m still tasting the onions this morning. Goes well with my coffee.

So thank you Gluten-Free Goddess for sharing your knowledge.

Now what should I make for dinner tonight??

gluten free recipes
My masterpiece. The salmon is under there somewhere, I swear.

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2 thoughts on “There is a God (and She's Gluten Free)”

  1. Thanks for the shout- glad you enjoyed the salmon recipe. Regarding onions, I do think red onions have a lovelier taste- standard yellow onions can be strong- especially as they age. One onion is for four servings. Cheers!

    1. The Gluten Dude

      Thanks for the onion advice. It’s on my shopping list. Mrs. Dude was inspired and made a nice Tilapia with wild rice tonite. Delish!

      I will now be a frequent visitor to your site to peruse your recipes.

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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