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    Amy Ratner, Associate Editor, Gluten-Free Living

    We have always advised anyone new to the gluten-free diet to take the “what can I eat” VS the “what can’t I eat approach” that you recommend here.

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    I have heard from various sources that gluten free food can actually make u fat mostly because its a lot more higher in calories…is this true?

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      The Gluten Dude

      It all depends Amanda. If you replace your normal foods with processed gluten-free foods, then it’s definitely possible that they are more fattening.

      But the key is filling your new kitchen with healthy alternatives. Instead of having oreos as a snack, have carrots and hummus. Instead of ice cream for dessert, have a gluten free sorbet.

      Don’t just look for the exact same foods you’re used to in a gluten free alternative. Look for new foods.

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    Speaking from my own experience – this is great advice! I remember going through the “mourning stages” and they do last for a while but now I have adjusted, I eat well, I have learned to adapt my favorite recipes to be GF. Key is to learn all you can about being GF. Glad you are feeling better gluten dude!

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      The Gluten Dude

      Thanks Patty…on the mend.

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    You’re so right about gluten-free being less scary than the Kardashians. =)

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    They have Corn Pasta? will look into that, haven’t heard of it., and I dont like the Rice pasta. thanx

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    I assume that you’ve found beer you like by now, but in case you haven’t, check out Omission’s Pale Ale. They also make a lager, but the Pale Ale is so much like I remember Sierra Nevada tasting that I was afraid of it at first!


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