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online gluten free storeMrs. Dude and I poured over hundreds of products on Amazon in each of the below categories to help keep you safe, keep you healthy and keep you from buying crap. All of the items below have received a 4-star review or better.

There are also some wonderful companies that sell gluten-free goodies online that are not on Amazon, such as Jennifer’s Way, gfJules, Bakery on Main and more. I’ve got special Gluten Dude coupons for lots of them HERE.

Amazon tips to save time & money: 1) Join Amazon Prime. You will get free two-day shipping on many of their items, along with a host of other benefits. 2)  “Subscribe and Save” when you can. You will get a reduced price and the product will ship automatically however often you choose. 3) Read the middle reviews. Focus on the 2, 3 and 4 star reviews, as the 1 and 5 star reviews may not be trustworthy.

** Please note that the products below are being pulled directly from Amazon (with the latest reviews and prices) so they may take a minute to load. Thanks for your patience.

Keep Your Kitchen Safe

Cross-contamination is our biggest enemy. Having your own kitchenware, if possible, is key. Keeping it all the same color makes it easier for everyone. We go with red at the Dude Ranch.

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]cross1[/asa_collection]

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]cross2[/asa_collection]

Crap…I’ve Been Glutened!!

We’ve all been there. The items below were all recommended to me by members of the celiac community. And don’t forget…drink lots of water and rest. You’ll be back on your gluten-free feet in no time.

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]glutened[/asa_collection]

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]glutened2[/asa_collection]

Breakfast is Served

While I’m all about starting the day as healthy as possible, sometimes quick and easy  does the trick. Just stay away from the Cheerios ;-)

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]cereal[/asa_collection]

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]cereal2[/asa_collection]

Let’s Go Bar-Hopping

Being a celiac means always being prepared. Throw some of these bars in your purse, car, jacket, whatever and as god as my witness “You’ll never go hungry again!”

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]bars[/asa_collection]

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]Bars2[/asa_collection]

The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Because too many grocery stores are prisoners to the biggest (and not the best) brands, here are some other delicious options for you.

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]bread[/asa_collection]

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]bread2[/asa_collection]

Gifts – For That Special Celiac in Your Life

What better way to say “I know celiac sucks but I love ya just same” than a gluten-free gift basket?

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]gifts[/asa_collection]

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]gifts2[/asa_collection]

Health and Beauty (and Safe!)

For some celiacs, what goes on the outside is just as important as what goes in the inside. 

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]health[/asa_collection]

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]health2[/asa_collection]

For Your Gluten-Free Library

Education is key! And recipes sure don’t hurt. These are good books written by good people.

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]books[/asa_collection]

[asa_collection gdude, items=0, type=random]books2[/asa_collection]

Transparency time: I get a small percentage of the above sales if you come from my site and buy a specific item. I give so little and yet ask so much. Oh wait…I got that backwards. ;)

I have no advertising on this site and I plan on keeping it that way. If you'd like to say thanks for the efforts I put in to the celiac community, MY TIP JAR IS OPEN. Thanks!

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