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    Wonderful love story! You guys look so deliriously happy.

    As for saying he could have married a “normal” person–why? Normal just means “average”.

    He’s chosen someone extraordinary! And vice versa.;)

    Best wishes!!

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      That’s a good point Irish! I prefer your positive take on this. I’d way rather be extraordinary than “normal”! :)

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    Wendy - PalmTreesGlutenFree

    Sweet story – Awesome Man.

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    This make me think that someday my daughter (who is 6 now) can find a boyfriend/husband that will take care of her and sacrifice things for her! Thanks for sharing!

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    Alison | a girl defloured

    Love this. My husband went entirely gluten-free about 6 months after my diagnoses for the very same reason….he wanted to be able to kiss me. Our home is a gluten-free zone and my health has been restored. He truly is taking one for the team. And I am so lucky (in love). <3

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    oh, gosh, I hit reply too quickly.
    I meant to add: my hubs went GF shortly after my DX with me too. No gluten in my house either He honestly felt the CC issue was too much of a risk. And yes, smooching was likely a factor. :)
    An Irishman who gives up Guinness? That’s true love, baby. Lucky me.

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    Great story. When the other people in the house realize that going gluten free is not so bad, it gets no better than that.

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    What a great love story! Lucky you, Jorden!!

    IrishHeart- you really made me think when you said normal is average. Jorden, as a celiac, should consider herself extraordinary. SO true! I think most anyone who is celiac does not consider themselves “normal”. Yet, I do not think they consider themselves extraordinary. I think most celiacs consider themselves a burden.They need to re-consider! I think anyone with a celiac diagnosis, or anyone truly embracing, for life, the GF diet, should be considered extraordinary! It is no small feat! They need to be considered, just like anyone else, worthy of consideration and respect for themselves and their needs.

    This story and IrishHeart’s response make me hopeful for my three daughters with celiac. They sure deserve someone in their lives who is extraordinary! (Their dad, my exceptional husband, declared the day they were diagnosed that our house would be GF and that we would not eat gluten in front of them when we went out to eat) I hope they can each find someone as wonderful as their dad as well as the spouse in the story!

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    Blueberry Girl

    Stahp you are making my eyes drool.

    All of these stories are seriously adorable. They are very encouraging while I am fighting to get better food handling, more options, and some sort of food guide at my school.

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    What a beautiful story! You guys make a great couple. Am so happy for you <3

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    Gluten Free Makeup Gal

    ‘Kay, I’m trying not to cry here. Wow. Thank you sir for being an amazing human being and loving your wife so much that you change your lifestyle to make her healthy and happy. She is lucky to have you.

    Oh my gosh Dude, I’m not used to happy feels from this blog. This is the place to get real, not get warm and fuzzy. But this is REAL warm and fuzzies. So nothing’s changed- just had something wonderful added to it. <3 Great series idea, thank you. And thank you to everyone submitting stories!

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      The Gluten Dude

      Snarky can get old if that’s all I’m offering. I’m loving this change of pace.

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    That is such a sweet story! I totally relate to this: “I’m so humbled that he is willing to put up with everything in order to be with me when marrying a “normal” person would have been so much easier.” Objectively, I can see why it wouldn’t matter but it’s harder to see it that way, when you’re the “abnormal” one.

    I always say that to my boyfriend! I feel like he has to sacrifice so much due to my Celiac and especially due to my severe food allergies.

    I’m glad we both have someone awesome who understands and loves us no matter what :)

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    Alysa (InspiredRD)

    Passing up cake for a kiss? SO SWEET!

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    I’d call him, “A Keeper” Best wishes for you both!

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    Such a beautiful story and reminder of all of the good people who are out there in the world!
    In my marriage we are encountered with the “kiss v beer” situation from time to time and luckily the kisses usually win out!
    Thank you for sharing these stories and spreading the Celiac love!

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    I was going to write up my love story, but honestly, it would be almost word for word the same as this one! My husband is a saint like the one in the story.

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    Michelle P.

    I am loving this series of love stories. It is so sweet what he has done to help her. My hubby is the same way. I just might have to write in our story!
    Thank you for Jorden for sharing and thanks Gluten Dude for posting these!

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    Beautiful story, thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for the kind words everyone! This is such a fantastic community.
    All of the Gluten-free love stories have been so uplifting and touching. Thanks for posting these Gluten Dude and thanks to everyone who has shared their inspiring stories!

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    Nadine/ Gluten Free RN

    What a fabulous couple! I hear more and more stories of couples going gluten free together. This is especially fabulous for any offspring/ children they may have, since the child will not have ANY chance of being exposed to ‘gluten’ in the womb! Best of wishes to you both now and in the future!


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