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    Shirley @ gfe & AGFD

    What a beautiful letter! Such a show of love and support and he’s right, what a fantastic job Rachael is doing of raising her children. I especially liked the example he gave of one of the gluten-free children having to learn to say no over and over when offered a gluten-full item. That is so true! We can empower our gluten-free children and don’t have to hover over them (although we still might want to!). Lovely Mother’s Day post!


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    Mrs. Dude

    What a beautiful letter and tribute to Rachael!

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    Rachel is one lucky lady! What a beautiful tribute from her husband. Thanks for sharing, Dude!

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      Oops, I spelled Rachael wrong in my previous post. Sorry!

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    What a wonderful story. I so love it when I read about mates and children rallying around someone with Celiac. For every asshole that acts like we are freaks of nature, there are those who step up and take charge and are truly supportive. Made my day Gluten Dude. And, Happy Mothers Day to Mrs. Dude!

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    I remembered her story about Pete and now, it is lovely to see Pete’s tribute to her. You guys are adorable. :)

    Empowering your children is the greatest gift you can give them and your obvious devotion to each other is an example of what true love really means.

    Thank you for sharing, Pete…. and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms.

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    Matthew Kun

    It is a fantastic letter; you must really love her! All the best in the future!


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    Mary Jo

    I know both Rachael and Pete from QU. They are fabulous people and a wonderful family. This brought me to tears. Their love is strong. I admire them.
    Mary Jo

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    Michelle P.

    I loved reading this. It brings to mind a portion of Proverbs 31: “Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.”
    Sounds like you are both blessed to have each other!

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    Celiac Mindwarp

    Fantastic Mom, fantastic family.

    How inspiring, I love it!

    Thanks for sharing :)

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    Laura Kitchings

    Yep, I cried during/after reading this! As someone who started a relationship- 1 year+ – right after cutting out gluten (never officially diagnosed celiac) this letter gives me hope in the future,

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    This is such a wonderful and touchy narration. I keep up with your blog for handling gluten intolerance. However, in addition, I’ve bumped into another blogpost featuring some of the very useful tips. Check it out:

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    Thank you all for the sweet comments. And thank you Gluten Dude for making Pete’s Mother’s Day gift so incredible! What Pete didn’t mention is that he’s the only reason that I’m still halfway sane. I got a really good one and I try not to take him for granted!!! I need my girls and my son, for that matter, to be just as fortunate in finding a partner that can see you through the good and the bad! Gluten Dude, you really have impacted our two year ride with Celiac Disease. You reflect such a realistic view on this disease……while no one has understands, you and the people who gather here, make me feel just a little bit less crazy! THANK YOU!!!

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      Gluten Dude

      That’s only because we’re all nuts ;)

      You’re very welcome and a belated Happy Mother’s Day.

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    Kim Jorgensen Gane

    I’m a little late to the party, but it IS still Celiac Disease Awareness Month, so I’m posting this on my GlutenNaziMom Facebook page! Wonderful story of a wonderful Celiac mom!! (Pretty wonderful hubby/dad, too…and kids, I’m sure!) <3


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