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    Nice. My Katy is just like that as well – she moved in and is completely on board with the gluten free kitchen, and is a complete wizard in the GF cooking and baking stakes. She still eats (what is for me) forbidden fruit when we go out, but I think i’d be both sides of a horses ass if I expected her to be GF outside the house as well. :)

    either way, a toast to all the uber-supportive other halves out there!

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    Tracey Long

    My husband did the same, and he gets really excited every time he figures out how to make a gluten free version of something I used to enjoy. He never eats anything with gluten when we go out because he feels bad enjoying something in front of me that I can’t have. I was like, where did you come from? I don’t at all expect or ask him to do any of this, in fact I’ve encouraged him to eat or drink anything he wants, so when he goes out with a friend he’ll have regular beer sometimes. It’s really amazing to have such support.

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    I was out one night so husband was on his own for dinner. When I came home I asked him what he ate. “Pasta” So my next question was “OK, what in the kitchen has gluten on it?” The answer – nothing, it was g-f pasta. What a nice guy! Even when I’m not around he eats gluten-free.

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      You are one lucky lady! My hubby still does not “get” the cross contamination issue even after 10 years.

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    Sybil Nassau

    My only thought to these non-celiac spouses, you are indeed angels for doing what you do— just please- remember to brush your teeth and rinse out your mouth before kissing your celiac spouse! Many do have reactions to things like a spouse having a regular beer or a piece of pizza. Yes, it is possible! I am quite sure there are other spouses wondering if these angels have clones as they do not get this kind of support.


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