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    It Heralds Overwhelming Putridity

    Idiotic Heretics Offering Poison

    Ignoramus’s Hoopla Offends People

    Inciting Horrific Obnoxious Poo

    Keep up the GREAT work, Dude! I’m so glad you’re watching out for us.

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    If Hell Offered Pancakes

    Iron Has Only Plummeted

    I’d Have Oversized Paunch

    Inflammatory Hell Overloads Person (Hmmm, hell came up twice…)

    To sum up:

    Irritated Hoser won’t Order the freakin’ Pancakes

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      5 stars to: If Hell Offered Pancakes

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    I had an interesting conversation with a health inspector who said that technically the FDA has rules for gluten in restaurants which would make the inspectors responsible to check that the restaurant keeps cross contamination down to a level that’s appropriate for people who need to avoid gluten (and other allergens, I’m pretty sure it was due to the FALCPA law). But each state has to adopt the new rules whenever they come out and my state hasn’t done that yet. I’ve been meaning to revisit those emails and get some more clarity. But I”m dealing with a health crash and I’m afraid my mind may not be the clearest atm. If anyone wants to get down and dirty with regulations, here’s the link: If nothing else it shows that a national chain like IHOP would be spending oodles of time trying to figure out how to deal with gluten in each state, unless they just opted for the most restrictive one and did that. However, it sounds like that’s not even close to their goal.

    I Hiss at OPportunists

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    Moe’s also has a “Gluten Friendly” menu. I find these menus comically patronizing in an “I’m gonna laugh so I don’t get bitter” way :)

    In these dishes, we’ve pulled back on the gluten, mostly. They’re gluten-friendly, so not quite gluten-free, but there’s definitely less of it. You could say that the gluten in these dishes is quite…nice, and friendly.


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