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After three years, I finally decided to open up my site to sponsors from gluten-free companies I believe in. You can see them over to the right. Unless you’re on mobile, then you’ll see them below. If you’re on a land line, you probably won’t see anything.

This site has a very passionate community and I do not take these sponsorships lightly. If there is an ad here, it’s because I believe in the company and I believe the community can benefit from learning more about that company and their products. It’s as simple as that.

If you believe you are one of those companies, let’s talk. Not only do you get the ad placement to the right, you also get your own page on my site as well as a coupon on my coupon page. How cool is that?

GlutenDude.com gets a boatload of page views per month and it’s rising. The site has also gotten over 24,000 comments in the three years it has been up and running.

While it may not be Times Square, it’s not bad.

If you are interested in advertising here, I’d love to hear from you. Just fill out the form below and I’ll fill you in on all the juicy details.

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I have no advertising on this site and I plan on keeping it that way. If you'd like to say thanks for the efforts I put in to the celiac community, MY TIP JAR IS OPEN. Thanks!

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