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    What I want people to be most aware of about celiac is that the health care community does not take it seriously as a whole and to my knowledge still does not suspect it or inform the public about it. The health care community seems to think this is the job of the public to know if celiac is in their family history and what the symptoms are. The public thinks the health care community has basic health things covered and will either just somehow know or doesn’t have a clue about it. I believe if someone knows about celiac it is because they or someone they know has it.

    I was in and out of doctors offices all during my childhood and early adult life and not once was diet ever mentioned. My nails and hair were not looked at. My low weight and late puberty were not suspect. My constant health complaints and failure to thrive were dismissed. Yet quite a bit is known about it in health literature. I don’t see a point in knowledge about it if they don’t inform the public or are diligent in suspecting it. It’s disconcerting how much is known about how the body deteriorates when it is not diagnosed. They say you will have a history of it in your family. Well, the likelyhood ancestors were diagnosed in the past is even lower than diagnosis is today I suspect.

    When the doctors gave me a clean bill of health when I was a child, I was not allowed to discuss my lack of weight or inability to do the minimum calisthenic requirement because the doctors said all was ok. The pe teachers never talked to my parents. Nobody said anything. They just let me suffer.

    I think it’s gluten in the gut that makes people not care about people with celiac. I think it’s a gut reaction. They didn’t care about me and they still don’t.

    I’ve been healing up for about 4 years now. I can’t help but see myself in the homeless. I’m fortunate and have received help and acceptance from my family (interestingly acceptance seems to be better without gluten though). I wouldn’t doubt if the vast majority of homeless have celiac. Everyone I’ve ever known seems to have at least one person in their family that can’t put their life together. Suspect celiac. Do a gluten free challenge. See if your life improves… What I want people to know most about celiac is that you are on your own. There is absolutely no one looking out for you and absolutely no one has your back.


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