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    Love this. There are surely some negative aspects of having Celiac Disease but it’s not all bad, and I love that you ended on a positive note! I’m grateful everyday that our disease is one that can be managed by simply adhering to the gluten free diet.

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    The Gluten Dude

    Absolutely Janelle. I may bitch a lot, but believe me, I’ve been diagnosed with worse. I’ll save that for a future post.

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    Kate Chan @GlutenFreeGobsmacked

    @GlutenDude what is #celiac disease?” What’s your word?? :

    CAKE (As in…”piece of cake” & cure is food? done!)

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    Hi, I don’t know what you have? but I’m trying to find out why I get weiord sytoms of swelling all my life and worse now?
    My body jumps from one pain to anouther mostly swelling and stomach swelling and elbow for about 2 months then a knee for about 4 months then my back , then my chest, I thought I had pulacee, stabbing chest pain. then now my feet hurt when I get up to walk, then get better as I walk. but my stomach always bad with bloteing so bad I have broken blood vessels. all my life I can remember my food not digesting ….What do I have ????? I dont go to the Doc because I cant aford to have them figure it out I would be liveing at the Doc office. thanks for the lisinon.

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      The Gluten Dude

      If possible, get yourself to an emergency room. Nobody can diagnose you online and you’ve got some serious symptoms. Don’t wait another day.


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