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    gluten free

    Sounds Cool . I think celebs hurt our cause .

    1 thing I think about is many research articles show celiacs health is not as good as a non celiacs health even after 10 year on the GF diet . Than I see celebs claiming ridiculous health benefits in such short space of time . I’m worried one day they won’t bother doing further research in ways that can improve a celiacs health because of the bs health benefits of the GF diet . The internet is full of so many articles on GF diet and how it helps stomach problems and joint / muscle / bone pains , depression , anxiety etc etc yet many celiacs on 100 % GF diets still suffer from these problems .

    I feel the celiacs who’s health is wrecked by damage caused by CD will be left with many years of extra chronic health problems , because CD and it’s complications will never be taken seriously . All because of stupid celebs turning it into a faddy weight loss diet which has become more important than a life long chronic auto immune disease it’s a disgrace !


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