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    This misinformation drives me crazy. I don’t care how clean, ancient, organic, biodynamic, spray-free, non-GMO, fair-trade, palm-free, free range, or European your gluten is. It’s still gluten.

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    I have Silent Celiac. No symptoms but it reeks havoc on your insides. No systems doesn’t mean no damage! Stay away from all wheat, barley and rye. Only a scope will show the damage. Wise up people!

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    My son and I do not have celiac, but are extremely gluten intolerant. His autism symptoms increase in severity, and my GI tract gets very unhappy. We can have European flour without reactions. Gluten intolerance is a real thing, but the more I’m looking into it, the more I think GMO intolerance or pesticide intolerance or whatever else is the real issue, not gluten after all… But they come packaged neatly together here in the US so it’s tough to tease out which is the real culprit.

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    Correction for Fact #2: Celiac disease is an immune disease in which people can’t eat gluten because no body part is safe from damage.


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