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    Dang! We keep kosher (I keep having to explain at work that, no, I’m not going to the farewell lunch) and one of my kids has celiac. That child remembers pizza. Mine isn’t as good (I’m told, I think it’s better, but hey, I’m not the one with celiac). That child is adjusting. They have pizza Friday at school. It is HARD.

    It doesn’t matter how many Udi’s chocolate muffins I send. It is still hard. But I will send them. And bake GF cookies. And when it’s our turn to take snacks, you bet it will be GF stuff.

    But… I also know that my other child had a severely food allergic kid in class. When I brought in home-made rolls (no celiacs in that class) it was the ONLY treat the whole year that kid could eat.

    When the celiac gets us down, I try to remember that. It’s not just celiac. There are people who are allergic to chocolate (and I told my allergist that I would refuse such a diagnosis). Or milk. Or soy (do you know how much stuff has soy???).

    It’s still hard.


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