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BFree was developed to bring tasty, good for you breads to the market.

Often, people avoid bread or feel poorly after having a sandwich and this may be due to sensitivities to wheat or gluten. All of our products are allergen free. That means there is no gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, nuts or soy! There is no guilt associated with eating BFree as the nutritional composition of our products is extraordinary!

BFree was founded in Ireland in 2011 and quickly became the market leader, owing to great taste, freshness and outstanding nutritional values. In response to the fact that many gluten-free manufacturers put oil and fats in their products to replace the wheat, BFree were determined to create a healthier formula. The result? We came up with the lowest calorie white bread on the market!

Our product range includes: soft white and brown seeded loaves, brown seeded and soft white rolls, plain and multi-seeded bagels, multigrain wraps, quinoa and chia seed wraps, sweet potato wraps and pita breads.

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