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  • Chinotto

    If you live anywhere near a Burtons, I highly recommend them. I lived in the Charleston, SC area for a few years and went there often. They have a separate kitchen and really understand Celiac disease. I believe one of the people who started Burtons has Celiac, so they truly understand and train their staff well. They are able to accommodate many food allergies. Almost their entire menu is gluten-free and they have the best burgers I’ve ever eaten! Another plus is they don’t charge extra when you order gluten-free or egg-free, etc.

  • Jenuine

    Completely agree! We have been to a few in the Boston area and couldn’t be happier with their cross contamination policies. I attended a lecture by their head chefs and the owner who has a gluten allergy (not sure if it was Celiac specifically). He said he was approached years ago about making GF options available and he said he wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t completely safe and delicious. He sets the bar high and makes it every meal!

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