• Celiac Rant: You Don’t Look Sick (#$@&%*!)
  • 75 Reasons to Love (??) Celiac Disease
  • Dear Gluten Dude: How Do I Go Gluten-Free??
  • Back to School: A Letter From a Mom to a Daughter with Celiac
  • An Extra Special Anniversary for Mrs. Dude and I
  • Should a Restaurant be Making Gluten-Free Jokes?
  • If Famous Movie Characters Had Celiac Disease: Part II
  • Gluten Ataxia: When Celiac Messes with Your Brain

All About Eating Out

A Little Gluten Free Humor

An Ode to Shreddies Underwear

Celiac disease Is a disease of the gut And more times than not It’s a giant pain in the butt A pain in the butt Can mean so many things For all the problems it causes For all the angst in brings But today we’re not talking about... Read more

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