• Dear Gluten Dude: How Do I Go Gluten-Free??
  • Back to School: A Letter From a Mom to a Daughter with Celiac
  • An Extra Special Anniversary for Mrs. Dude and I
  • Should a Restaurant be Making Gluten-Free Jokes?
  • If Famous Movie Characters Had Celiac Disease: Part II
  • Gluten Ataxia: When Celiac Messes with Your Brain
  • The Latest “Facts” on the Gluten-Free Cheerios
  • My Letter to the Parents of a Depressed Girl with Celiac Disease

All About Eating Out

A Little Gluten Free Humor

Why is Celiac Disease Funny?

Did you hear the joke about the girl with cancer who may have to have one of her breasts removed? Or how about the one about the guy with MS who lost his vision in one eye? And of course there is always the classic joke about the woman with... Read more

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