• Traveling for the Holidays? Here are Some Gluten-Free Tips.
  • Celiac Rant: I Can Avoid Gluten, but I Can’t Avoid Stupid
  • A Hookworm So I Can Eat Gluten? Ummm…No Thanks.
  • Please Support the Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act
  • A Celiac Rant All the Way From Turkey
  • If You Could Test Your Food for Gluten in 2 Minutes, Would You?
  • The Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free Alcohol
  • The Arrogance and Ignorance of Panera Bread

All About Eating Out

Is This Discrimination?

Dude Note: To honor Celiac Awareness Month and to help raise awareness of our disease, I will be attempting 31 blog posts in 31 days. My goal is simple: to make most of them not suck. If you’ve got ideas for a good post or if you... Read more

A Little Gluten Free Humor

Let’s Talk About Poop

Let’s Talk About Poop

Today’s topic of discussion Is simple and clear We’re talking about our bodies And the stuff that comes out of our rear I know it’s not easy And it may make you feel a bit loopy But what is more natural Than taking a littl... Read more

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