• A Parade that Includes People Throwing Flour? What’s a Celiac to do?
  • When Celiac Disease Leads to Fear of Food
  • The History of Celiac Disease
  • Mailbag Time
  • My Unbelievable, Amazing, Awesome, Special Valentine
  • Monday Mega Mailbag (Yeah…I Know it’s Tuesday)
  • Dude…Should I Buy the Nima Sensor??
  • Speaking “Free” with Jennifer Esposito


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Eating Healthy (Yeah...It Matters)


Mailbag Time

Mailbag Time

It’s six in the morning and I’ve been up for 4 hours already. Yeah…sleep has not been my friend lately. Before I go grab my 13th cup of coffee, let’s do a quick mailbag. Hey Dude! (You ROCK!!) I am your redheaded Cel... Read more

Celiac Rants. Cause Sometimes it Feels Good to Vent

The Mother of All Celiac Rants

As I am now on day nine of feeling like absolute dog poop (maybe I SHOULD have gotten that flu shot after all), it’s a good a day as any to post a celiac rant. It’s been awhile since I posted one of these bad boys. This one came... Read more

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