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  • 3 quick Dude Notes before we kick things off today:

    Dude Note 1: Jennifer’s Way bagels are ready for shipping as of last night. Get em while their hot!

    Dude Note 2: The new Gluten Dude website will be launching in two days. It’s kinda, sorta, almost ready. Already pulled two all-nighters. Do I hear a third?

    Dude Note 3: I swear I had three things to say, but now I totally forget the last one. Yep…I’m tired. (I also sound like Rick Perry in last year’s debate.)

    Ok…onto today’s Dear Gluten Dude.

    I love, and I mean absolutely love, the things people share with me. It’s one of the joys of being an advocate. The latest email comes from a fellow celiac who pretty much sucked at it…until she found this site and she has seen the light.

    Here’s her email:

    I have a complicated history with...

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  • Dr. Peter Gibson, for those of you unaware, is Professor and Director of Gastroenterology at The Alfred and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. In 2011, he published a study that found gluten can cause distress to those without celiac disease.

    Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity was given legitimacy.

    In 2014, to find out more specifically what was causing distress to non-celiacs, he did a second study. You can read the results of the study here.

    In essence, the second study showed that it was perhaps FODMAPS were more to blame. In Dr. Gibson’s own words, “In contrast to our first study…we could find absolutely no specific response to gluten.”

    Was he saying NCGS did not exist? Not necessarily, but as most of you probably know already, the media doesn’t care about the truth. All they care about is headlines. And boy, did they run with it. And before you know...

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  • I’ve been seeing ghosts in my bedroom recently. This has absolutely nothing to do with today’s blog post. Just wanted to share. And for what it’s worth, for the most part, they look happy. Ok…moving on.

    There are times in our life when other people should be considerate and work around our dietary restrictions.

    And there are other times when we need to be the considerate ones and put our restrictions on the back burner for the benefit of others.

    The question is…how do you know which situation calls for which solution?

    Funny you should ask because I received the following message the other day from a fellow celiac:

    Hi, GD. I have recently had a problem that I’m hoping your followers can help me with.

    My son and his girlfriend are getting married soon. Very small wedding, immediately family only. They asked if they could do it in...

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  • This one falls into the “why the hell can’t we just get a straight answer?” category.

    Last week, it was announced that “Mike’s Hard is the first malt liquor to go gluten-free.” And according to the article, now it’s the first malt beverage to use “crafted to remove gluten” on its label — with permission from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, which regulates alcoholic beverages in the U.S.

    This label will go on ALL of their products.

    So the question is…what does it mean? Is Mike’s Hard Lemonade safe for those with celiac disease?

    To get an answer, my first visit was to their website.

    Here are some blurbs taken directly from their site, with my obligatory reaction to each:

    “We created a proprietary and unique filtration process to make the purest, cleanest tasting malt beverage base giving all of our products a clean, natural...

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