• Traveling for the Holidays? Here are Some Gluten-Free Tips.
  • Celiac Rant: I Can Avoid Gluten, but I Can’t Avoid Stupid
  • A Hookworm So I Can Eat Gluten? Ummm…No Thanks.
  • Please Support the Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act
  • A Celiac Rant All the Way From Turkey
  • If You Could Test Your Food for Gluten in 2 Minutes, Would You?
  • The Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free Alcohol
  • The Arrogance and Ignorance of Panera Bread

All About Eating Out

A Little Gluten Free Humor

My Foggy Award Concession Speech

Dude Note: To honor Celiac Awareness Month and to help raise awareness of our disease, I will be attempting 31 blog posts in 31 days. My goal is simple: to make most of them not suck. If you’ve got ideas for a good post or if you... Read more

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