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  • Tackling celiac with a sense of humor is an absolute must.

    A fellow celiac who was just diagnosed wrote a poem to gluten and she shared it with me on Facebook.

    I simply love it. And so I’m sharing it with you.

    That’s how the internet works



    Goodbye, My Friend

    Cookies, cake, and pie I ate With gusto and abandon. Danish and croissants on my plate, My almost constant companion.

    Spaghetti, rice and oatmeal, too, I love it all the same. And if I gained a pound or two, I knew just who to blame.

    But now my friend, you’ve made me frown, Our time together has ended. It seems that you have let me down. My stomach you have offended.

    Gluten, why did you do me this way? Why do we have to part? I’ve been in love with you forever and a day. You’ve...

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  • My Facebook and Twitter feeds were all abuzz last week and we all know what that means. More dang controversy in the gluten-free world.

    What people were sending me was an article on Huffington Post titled “I’m Gluten Intolerant…Intolerant“. I figured it was just another hack article meant to draw traffic like so many others on Huff Post these days.

    I figured wrong.

    The article was written by Marc Vetri, a chef. But not just a random chef. He is the chef/founder of Philadelphia’s Vetri Family of Restaurants, which operates a collection of the country’s most critically acclaimed Italian restaurants. He is a member of Food & Wine magazine’s 1999 “Best New Chefs” class and the 2005 winner of the James Beard Award for “Best Chef Mid-Atlantic.”

    In other words, he’s not working the deep fryer at your local Applebees.

    And when he speaks, the industry...

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  • “Sooooooo I’m dying again. I went gluten free about 6 months after a celiac diagnosis and it helped for a little while but things are taking a turn for the worse. I’m 18, I don’t smoke or drink or have sex with random strangers and I’m in shape so I’m really confused about whats going on with my body. Every now and then (but a lot recently) I poop black bloody stool and I’ve been having problems holding urine and I’m always tired again. I’m kind of getting scared and I’m confused because I thought going gluten free was supposed to help me feel better and I’m started to wonder if I got a mis-diagnosis and something even worse is going on…please help.”

    The above was a comment left on one of my blog posts yesterday.

    “Hi! I am worried about my calcium in the brain, having much at some...

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  • Hello everyone. Happy Tuesday to you all. Let’s start with a joke today because why not!?

    A photon checks into a hotel and the bellhop asks him if he has any luggage. The photon replies, “No, I’m traveling light.”

    No good? How about this one?

    Pavlov is sitting at a bar, when all of the sudden the phone rings. Pavlov gasps, “Oh shit, I forgot to feed the dogs.”

    Ok…today’s order of business is a reader’s celiac rant. It’s been too long since I posted one of these and I have 140 of them sitting in my inbox. This comes from a frustrated celiac whose doc said she’d feel better by going gluten-free. As we all know, it’s not that simple.

    If you would like to help her out and make a comment (bless your heart), all I ask is that this does not turn into a “paranoia post” where...

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