Do Not Live in Fear

don't live in fear

If I could give one piece of advice to those just diagnosed with celiac or gluten sensitivity, it would be this: Live your life. Do not let celiac hold you back. It’s a bump in the road, but it’s a bump that is manageable. I promise.

Yes, you’ve got some serious adjustments to make.

Yes, your body will take some time to heal.

Yes, you will lose a little bit of freedom and spontaneity in your life.

But you know what? You’re getting your health back and that’s what matters.

There is an unbelievable amount of fear-mongering online. “You can’t have this” and “you should stay away from that”.

Some of it is accurate. Some of it is complete BS. Stick with the facts.

Do not live your life afraid to do things simply because of GLUTEN.

No matter what people say, it’s NOT everywhere and you CAN lead a normal life (with a few adjustments).

Take precautions. Educate yourself. Use common sense. And if in doubt, do without.

And if you have any questions about something, just ping me. I’ll set you straight.

Don’t be like the people below. You got this.



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    I was recently diagnosed. I want to be healthy again but i know it will take time. it’s so overwhelming.
    My family is also going is learning with me the do’s and don’ts and it feels good all the support i’m getting from them.

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    My son was just diagnosed with Celiac a couple of weeks ago. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, at age 10, back in 2012. My daughter got Type 1 when she was 2 years old back in 2007. She’s escaped Celiac thus far. I about had a stroke shopping for the first time after I got the news. Talk about overwhelming. I’m really psyched I found your site and your offer to answer questions, if you can. Thanks for putting this out there.

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    Fora all people newly diagnosed. First: Going Gluten free is a breeze. Second: You will heal amazingly fast. It’s not like diabetes, where your pancreas is shot and you need years to recover. If you have celiac disease or are gluten-sensitive.. . your body reacts to gluten like it was poison. Once you stop ingesting poison, you have no symptoms. It´s really quite fast and simple. I have been ill most of my life. At 42 (finally) I was diagnosed and stopped eating gluten cold turkey. It took me two weeks to figure out how to eat gluten-free and I haven´t been sick since then. I mean, apart from the occasional flu (one mild episode once every two years or so) I haven´t had anything. Think about that… whatever ailment you may have now… (acid reflux, asthma, skin rashes, immune disorders, headaches, intestinal problems… whatever you have) will be gone , completely gone in less than a month if you stop ingesting gluten. It’s a pretty excellent deal.

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      Gluten Dude

      While I love your spirit, it’s not that simple for many people. Took me a LONG time to begin to feel better. But yeah…we can control our disease with food. Pretty cool.

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        I am on strict diet for 1 month and first two weaks were really big relief for me. I was feeling really good. However last week I was feeling crap stomaches, diarrhea, headache and also the worst beast – brain fog. All back to me and strong. I am eating just home and having all food and dishes seperated from others to avoid cross contamination. Is normal to be so down during process of cleaning? How long does it take to recover normally? Brain fog is so frustrating for me and I am not able to work or do anyhing properly. Thanks for answer.

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        Also, if there is good way how to speed up the process of cleaning and gut recovery?
        I am currently eating diary free mostly, probiotics, multivitamins and drinking smoothies and plenty of water. Is there anything else I can do for myself? Thinking about fasting, would it work?

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    I also add some background about me here. I was feeling fatigue, brain fogged for long long time but did not know the cause at all. Also doctors just always checked the iron deficiency, which was low but within limits. Then my friend finally told me try gluten free diet it could be it. I tried and after the huge relief in the beginning, I am pretty sure I found the cause. Unfortunately I did not go test myself :( The only way right now would be eat gluten again for at least 4 weeks. I cannot imagine that. It all concerns me, because I hope I do good, but not totally sure if I have chosen the right path.
    Thank you for any insights.


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