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Being gluten-free means spending a lot of time looking things up. If I had started this list when I was first diagnosed, it would have thousands of products on it. And that’s where YOU come in. I’d like you to help grow this list so it becomes a go-to source for those trying to find out if a product is gluten-free or not.

The next time you need to look something up, add it to the comments section below and let us know what you discovered. It will only take a minute and you’ll be helping so many. And darn it…doesn’t that just feel good?

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Is MAC Makeup Gluten Free?

Is MAC Makeup Gluten Free? I have not worn makeup since my cross-dressing days (let’s keep that between you and me, shall we?) but a fellow celiac provided some amazing information on all of the MAC products. I will simply provide a link: Here you go. It’s a few years old so I would contact MAC just to be sure.

Verdict: It Depends

Are Snickers Bars Gluten Free?

Are Snickers Bars Gluten Free? This one came from a reader. She said: My FAVORITE chocolate bar. Looked on the ingredients- appears gluten free. Googled it, GOOD NEWS! Gluten free! That being said, I think I need to override it. There seems to be some concern that Snickers bars are made on the same line as the Milky Way bars, which are NOT gluten free. So I am going to have to give it an unknown.

Verdict: Unknown

Is Nutella Gluten Free?

Is Nutella Gluten Free? I’ve heard of Nutella for the past year but honestly had no idea what it was. When somebody asked me on Twitter if Nutella is gluten-free, I had to investigate. Hmm…it’s a nut spread. Ok…nothing too exciting, but is it safe? The ingredients are iffy and their website was no help whatsoever so I dug a little deeper. Funny, when I searched in Google for Nutella, one of the drop down search terms was “nutella diarrhea”. That’s not good. But the consensus from the community seems to be yes, it’s gluten free.

Verdict: Gluten Free

Are Ore-Ida Tater Tots Gluten Free?

Are Ore-Ida Tater Tots Gluten Free? This question came to me on my Facebook page and the research I did definitely leads to some confusion. It seems they used to have a gluten-free product list on their website (which I could not locate) and while the Tater Tots were once listed, they were removed. But people have written to them and their response has consistently been that all of their Tater Tots are gluten free. And there is nothing in the ingredients list that would lead me to believe otherwise. Go ahead. Enjoy those tots.

Verdict: Gluten Free

Is Modified Food Starch Gluten Free?

Is Modified Food Starch Gluten Free? (Reader submission) When I discovered I had a gluten/wheat food allergy, I immediately went through my cupboards and started reading levels. I has been almost a year and I feel fantastic. My issue was that I kept seeing this “modified food starch” in about everything. According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness “While modified food starches can be made from a variety of foods, including corn, waxy maize, tapioca, potato, or wheat, in North America the most common sources are modified corn, waxy maize, and potato. Wheat is only occasionally used as the source for modified food starches in the U.S. If wheat is used as the source, it must be declared on the label as modified wheat starch or modified food starch (wheat). If a food product manufactured in North America has modified food starch listed as an ingredient, but “wheat” is not listed on the label, then it is safe to eat.”

Verdict: It Depends

Is Near East Spanish Rice Gluten Free?

Is Near East Spanish Rice Gluten Free? (Reader submission) My mother-in-law was trying to accommodate me and make a delicious tortilla lasagna for dinner when I visited. She emailed me about Near East Spanish Rice. At first glance, it looked gluten free, but she wanted to check with me just in case (I am so lucky to have in-laws that care!). I checked the Near East website and found this: “While Near East is proud to offer a variety of grain dishes to suit many needs and tastes, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are gluten free. Because our products are processed in facilities alongside other ingredients that contain gluten, there is always a slight risk of cross contact.” Obviously not worth the risk, but I hate that I have to break the news to the mother-in-law. Good thing she is so understanding!

Verdict: NOT Gluten Free

Is Baileys Irish Cream Gluten Free?

Is Baileys Irish Cream Gluten Free? Since I don’t eat (or drink) dairy, Baily’s is one of the many items crossed off my list, whether it’s gluten-free or not. But is it? A reader wants to know. The unfortunate answer is…they won’t tell us. Their website said it contains whiskey, but whiskey is gluten-free. They don’t list the other ingredients used. From what I’ve read, people’s reactions to it are hit or miss. I’m giving it a thumbs down.

Verdict: NOT Gluten Free

Is Vodka Gluten Free?

Is Vodka Gluten Free? And…exhale. Yes, all vodka is gluten-free, even those that are wheat-based. All of the gluten is removed during the distillation process. If you still don’t want to risk it, there are a number of vodkas on the market that are corn, potato or grape based. I’m a big Tito’s fan. One caveat…stay away from flavored vodka unless you can confirm they are gluten-free. Bottoms up.

Verdict: Gluten Free

Is Colgate Mouthwash Gluten Free?

Is Colgate Mouthwash Gluten Free? Sometimes it just happens that I realize I’ve been using a product that I had assumed was gluten-free, but I never actually verified it. Colgate Mouthwash falls under that category when I had a Yikes! moment today. After ten minutes of searching online, I can can confidently say that I have absolutely no idea. I’m switching to Tom’s of Maine, starting now.

Verdict: Unknown

Are Hershey Bars Gluten Free?

Are Hershey Bars Gluten Free? I’m not a candy guy. Never even loved Halloween as a kid. But that doesn’t mean I don’t the the very occasional sweet tooth and man was I jonesing for something sweet last night. The dudette had a Hershey Bar with Almond in the fridge. I was pretty sure it was safe but needed to double check. The Hershey website does it right. Clear as day it lists all of their gluten-free items. It was delicious. And yes…I had a stomach ache afterwards.

Verdict: Gluten Free

Are El Paso Taco Shells Gluten Free?

Are El Paso Taco Shells Gluten Free? It’s Taco Night at the Dude Ranch. I think I’ve had the El Paso taco shells before, but always better safe than sorry. Everybody seems to say they are gluten free except one person said she called the company directly and based on the number on the box, they did indeed include gluten. People on Twitter said they’ve had them for years with no issues. I am pretty sure they are safe, but I decided not to risk it. No Shell For You!!

Verdict: Unknown

Is Advil Gluten Free?

Is Advil Gluten Free? The Gluten Dude is stressed. Life is crazy. Put it all together and I’ve got one whopping headache. Mrs. Dude, bless her heart, offered to get me some aspirin and asked if I could have Advil Liqui-Gels. My initial response was “of course I can have Advil.” Ahhh, but can I have the Advil Liqui-Gels? It turns out I cannot. They contain a wheat derivitive. Normal Advil is ok. What woulda thunk it?

Verdict: It Depends

Is Fuze Ice Tea Gluten Free?

Is Fuze Ice Tea Gluten Free? Mrs. Dude and one of the Dudettes went food shopping today and brought home some Fuze ice tea for themselves. Since being a celiac means never being able to eat or drink something impulsively, and I couldn’t prounounce half of the ingredients, I had to look it up. Well…that wasn’t easy. After ten minutes, I could not find a definitive answer anywhere. I’m leaning toward yes, but cannot guarantee it.

Verdict: Unknown

Is Sake Gluten Free?

Is Sake Gluten Free? We are invited to a friend’s house tonite and they said we’ll be drinking warm sake. Very nice. I think. Sake is made from rice but sometimes barley is added. But the barley is removed during the fermentation process. I think. So what does this mean? Looks like I’ll be drinking vodka.

Verdict: It Depends

Is Pam Cooking Spray Gluten Free?

Is Pam Cooking Spray Gluten Free? It’s lunch time and I’m about to make my salmon, rice and veggie dish for the 17th straight day. But crap, I’m out of my Wegman’s brand cooking spray, which I know is gluten-free. I reach for the Pam Cooking Spray instead. Need to look this one up. Here is what their website says: PAM Original, PAM Butter, and PAM Olive Oil do not contain any ingredients derived from wheat products. However, PAM Baking is not gluten-free, as it contains real flour, which is derived from wheat.

Verdict: It Depends

Are Junior Mints Gluten Free?

Are Junior Mints Gluten Free? One of the Dudettes decided to go gluten-free for a week to show her support for the Dude. How cool is that? But could she have her favorite candy, Junior Mints? Some of the ingredients would personally give me pause, but their website says they are completely gluten-free. The Dudette is pleased.

Verdict: Gluten Free

Is Red Bull Gluten Free?

Is Red Bull Gluten Free? An overnight guest brought some of these to the Dude Ranch. It’s not my thing. I get a rush out of life itself. And lots of coffee. But I was still curious if Red Bull was gluten free or not. Lots of ingredients I can’t pronounce. A quick search and right away I find that yes, it is indeed gluten-free. So for all you celiacs who need a burst of energy…go for it.

Verdict: Gluten Free

Is French’s Yellow Mustard Gluten Free?

Is Frenchs Yellow Mustard Gluten Free? Mrs. Dude picked up some Boars Head lunch meat and I have some Schar’s rolls. Put it together and you’ve got yourself a sandwich. But it’s been so long since I’ve had one, I don’t know if I can have the French’s Yellow Mustard. Well that was easy. Right on their website…all of French’s mustards are gluten free. Lunch is served!

Verdict: Gluten Free

Are Edy’s Fruit Bars Gluten Free?

Are Edys Fruit Bars Gluten Free? Hmmm…a little post turkey-burger summer treat. I’d like to think the Edy’s Fruit Bars are all-natural, but alas there are some unfamiliar ingredients. Let’s see what we find. Their website actually has a gluten faq, but it doesn’t provide any real answers. Ok…found two sites that say they heard directly from Edy’s that they are indeed gluten free. Now, which flavor should I pick??

Verdict: Gluten Free

Is Log Cabin Syrup Gluten Free?

Is Log Cabin Syrup Gluten Free? French toast on Father’s Day. What could be better? Syrup would be nice. All we had in the house was Log Cabin Original Syrup (with no high-fructose corn syrup). After some research, this one is a bit tricky. It seems all of Log Cabin’s syrups are gluten-free EXCEPT the sugar free ones, which contains barley. So is mine sugar free because it contains no HFCS? It is not…there is indeed sugar. Of course there is…god forbid they make it healthy.

Verdict: Gluten Free AND not Gluten Free

Are Philly Gourmet Burgers Gluten Free?

Are Philly Gourmet Burgers Gluten Free Our first summer BBQ at the Dude Ranch. But we’re using a brand of burgers I’ve never had before. I had no confidence I would find something. But as it’s been proven over and over again, I’m wrong much more than I’m right. It was an easy find. Only their meatballs contain gluten. The burgers are totally fine. Now about the bun?!?

Verdict: Gluten Free

Is Jack Daniels Gluten Free?

Is Jack Daniels Gluten Free Had my first Jack Daniels last night in six years. Thank you cousin Aaron for the gift. Had one small glass on the rocks and my stomach hurt. Like a lot. Can’t be the JD, can it? A quick check on their site confirms that it’s safe. The distillation process removes the gluten, as with other hard liquors. So why did my stomach hurt??

Verdict: Gluten Free

Is Chi-Chis Salsa Gluten Free?

Is Chi-Chis Salsa Gluten Free Mrs. Dude put out some chips and salsa for our weekend company. We have not had Chi Chis before. Hmmmm. Seems ok, but of course that is never enough to go by. On the Hormel website, found this: “The following list of products may contain vinegar. This vinegar would normally be white distilled vinegar. Other types of vinegar are listed on the ingredient statement. While our sources indicate that these types of vinegar are gluten free, you will need to make your own determination on whether you want to use these products.” When in doubt…do without. Plain chips it is.

Verdict: Unknown

Is Three Olives Dude Vodka Gluten Free?

Is Three Olives Dude Vodka Gluten Free(05/25/2012) I love when we have company; especially when they bring vodka. And this one was too cool, in honor of me. But is it gluten-free? Vodkas are gluten-free by nature, but you need to be careful about the flavored vodkas. Took me a bit of time to confirm, but finally found something on their Twitter account. It is gluten free. Bottoms up!

Verdict: Gluten Free

Are Hebrew National Hot Dogs Gluten Free?

Are Hebrew National Hot Dogs Gluten Free The hot dog is not for me…I don’t think my insides would tolerate it. But I was curious to see if they were gluten free. The company website said nothing. But every other site I came across said they were indeed gluten free. Not healthy mind you…but gluten free.

Verdict: Gluten Free

Is Truvia Gluten Free?

Is Truvia Gluten Free After giving up cream in my coffee, I am now breaking my Splenda addiction. I’ll be weening myself via Truvia. But can I have it? I certainly can. Right on their website it says it does not contain gluten. That was easy!

Verdict: Gluten Free

Is Aunt Jemima Original Syrup Gluten Free?

Is Aunt Jemima Syrup Gluten Free A rare Sunday french toast breakfast for the Gluten Dude. So rare that the only syrup we had was the kid’s Aunt Jemima original syrup. Looked at ingredients. Yuck! First two ingredient are pure crap. Checked their website. Old, outdated and not helpful. Googled it. The consensus seems to be that it is gluten free, but I’m not convinced. Nor do I want something that ungodly unhealthy. My first dry french toast ever. Tasted great.

Verdict: Unknown

Is Hormel Bacon Gluten Free?

Is Hormel Bacon Gluten Free I got a call from Mrs. Dude while she was at the store about this item. I love me some bacon! Right on the Hormel website is a Gluten Free Product List. That’s the way it’s done. It looks like the Hormel Black Label Bacon, the Hormel Microwave Bacon and the Hormel Fully Cooked Bacon are all gluten-free. Mmmmmm….bacon.

Verdict: Gluten Free

Is Tribe Hummus Gluten Free?

Is Tribe Hummus Gluten Free It used to say right on the container that it was gluten free, but no more. Bummer…now I need to look it up. Here’s what it says on their site: “Tribe Hummus does not contain any gluten or wheat ingredients, and there is no gluten or wheat present in our manufacturing process. Although we are not certified “gluten free,” hummus is naturally a gluten-free food. Periodically, we test our products for gluten to be certain the levels meet the proposed FDA limits.” I guess we’re good.
Total time spent looking: 3 minutes

Verdict: Gluten Free

Is Miracle Whip Gluten Free?

Is Miracle Whip Gluten Free Modified corn starch, spices and natural flavor add up to one confusing label for us celiacs. They even claim “Our secret ingredient is our mixed up blend of spices.” Yikes! Seems to be a lot of varying opinions online. A lot of “they say it’s gluten free, but it may contain soy.” Wait…hold the presses! Home run. Just found on the Kraft site itself. All Kraft products will state a gluten ingredient if it includes gluten. Miracle Whip does not. It’s safe.

Verdict: Gluten Free

Is McCormick Taco Seasoning Gluten Free?

Is McCormick Taco Seasoning Gluten Free A few tricky ingredients listed: Whey Solids, Potato Starch and Spices. I found this on their website: “When WHEAT is the source, it will always be called out within the ingredient statement, and listed in bold.We do not maintain a list of gluten-free products, as our formulas change from time to time.” All other websites I checked said it is indeed gluten free, including a person who called the company directly in October 2010. I’m giving this one a passing grade.

Verdict: Gluten Free

Are Craisins Gluten Free?

Are Craisins Gluten Free The ingredients are simply cranberries and sugar, but I need to be sure. One website said they think so. One website said yes. But the Ocean Spray website said that they’re juices and sauces are gluten free. But that two of their Craisin brands do indeed contain gluten. But they didn’t say anything about the basic Original Craisins. I’m not convinced they’re gluten free. Rats. Update on 05/11/12: Several people have commented (below) that their bag of Craisins now says Gluten Free. I guess I can change my verdict.

Verdict: Gluten Free

Are Mentos Gluten Free?

Are Mentos Gluten Free No ingredients listed. Their website says yes they are gluten free. But it doesn’t seem that simple. As of 2007, they use wheat glucose syrup as an ingredient, but they say it passes the gluten-free test due to the small amount used. But they manufacture on a facility that handles wheat. So even though the company says Mentos are gluten free, I would not risk it.

Verdict: Unknown

Are Bellino Sun Dried Tomatoes Gluten Free?

Are Bellino Sun Dried Tomatoes Gluten Free Ingredients check out ok…except for the unknown “spices”. I visit my good friend Google and bam!…the first result is the company website’s “gluten-free” page. Love that. Yep…they are gluten free.

Verdict: Gluten Free

Is McCormick Cocktail Sauce Gluten Free?

Is McCormick Cocktail Sauce Gluten Free What’s shrimp without a little cocktail sauce? But can I have it? Ingredients show high fructose corn syrup (why? why? why?) and natural and artificial flavors. No answer there. The company website does not say. But Cecilia’s Marketplace and many, many others say it’s fine and that McCormick will say an item contains gluten if it does. So I’ll trust the experts on this one.

Verdict: Gluten Free

Is SkinnyGirl Cosmo Gluten Free?

Is Skinny Girl Gluten Free A friend brought a bottle of the SkinnyGirl Cosmo to the Dude ranch. I was curious how it tasted as I can make a killer cosmo on my own. But does it have gluten? Because it’s alcohol, it does not have to list the ingredients. All it says on the bottle is the vague “natural flavors”. No information about gluten on their god-awful website. According to Erin on Gluten Free Fun, the Skinnygirl Margarita is gluten free. But I cannot find anything about the cosmo. Ah well, time to make my own. It is 5:00 somewhere.

Verdict: Unknown

Is Signature Cafe Roasted Chicken Gluten Free?

Is Signature Cafe Roasted Chicken Gluten Free Ingredients look somewhat safe, except the dreaded “spices” and “natural flavorings”. Doesn’t specify on the company website. Let’s Google. One discussion (between 2 people) says yes, except for possible cross contamination. Another said they called Safeway and they were vague and said to ask the deli people at the store (who didn’t know what gluten was). Bottom line: I have no idea.

Verdict: Unknown

Is Trident Gum Gluten Free?

is trident gum gluten free I have been chewing Trident gum forever (not the same piece) and I believe it has always been gluten free. But when they came out with new packaging, I figured it was a good time to check up on it again. Easy pickings. Right on their site, it states that all trident gum is gluten free.

Verdict: Gluten Free

Is Progresso Tomato Parmesan Soup Gluten Free?

is progresso tomato parmesan soup gluten free The Dude wants some soup. Found a nice can of Progresso Reduce Sodium Tomato Parmesan. Ingredients seem to be ok but I’m not 100% sure so I go to the Progresso website. On top of the site there is a “Gluten Free” link. I assume this will list their gluten free items. Yippee! I click the link. It takes me to a totally different site. Huh?? Oh…but on the bottom of the page, you can view all reduced sodium soups that are gluten free. Nice. This one is NOT listed. I wish I knew which ingredient made this not gluten free.

Verdict: NOT Gluten Free

Is Theraflu Sinus & Cold Gluten Free?

is theraflu gluten free Still feeling lousy. Need meds. We’ve got some Theraflu Liquid Sinus & Cold. Off to the races to see if it’s gluten free. Hmmmm…a lot of sites say the Theraflu Cold & Cough is gluten-free. The Theraflu site says nothing (arghh!). Cannot find anything about this specific product. Rats.

Verdict: Unknown

Is Target Brand Sudafed Gluten Free?

is target sudafed gluten free The Dude is feeling under the weather today and Mrs. Dude wanted to give me some Target brand Sudafed. None of the ingredients made it clear. Looked online and could not locate anything with certainty. Called Target customer service. They did not know. They connected us to their “ingredient specialists”. They also did not know. But they said they will look into it and call us back…within a week (by which time of course I’ll feel fine).
Follow up note: We received a phone call on 2/14 and it is indeed gluten free.

Verdict: Gluten Free

234 thoughts on “Is This Gluten Free?

  1. Did you ever go to this website: ? It still lists modified food starch and caramel colorings as gluten. Type in the Progresso soup you mentioned and you will see that mod. food starch is the only one that comes up as gluten. Perhaps Progresso is using this antiquated info? Definitely not worth finding out the hard way though!

    • Definitely not Jen. Wheat is not listed as an allergen so it must be some hidden barley or rye. Ahhh…the joys of celiac.

      • What can you tell me about Whey protein…everything I look up seems to suggest that Whey protein IS Gluten Free…but..I’m just not so seems to be in EVERYTHING!!

        • I think the best answer Mandi is “it depends”. Depends on the manufacturer and what is is in the whey protein.

        • Mandi, I know that Optimum Nutrition (ON) has 100% Natural whey protein that is gluten free but its processed on the same machinery. The agent assured me that the equipment is cleaned in between batches. This type of situation is the only reason why 100% whey protein should be contaminated.
          Hope this helped.

        • I recently glutened myself with Trader Joe’s Chocolate Whey protein powder. It was wheat protein peptides or something like that in it. :( Also, Ghirradhelli’s Sweet Ground Chocolate (I used to put it in my coffee, so num) is NOT gluten free.

          • If you’re looking for a good protein powder that s guaranteed GF try Precision whey/whey isolate. VERY good brand, all natural and organic from New Zealand (where cows are not fed any hormones or crap like they are here) and its 100% GF, easily digested with digestive enzymes :)

            I guess that also pertains to the above question as well, but yes it all depends on the brand.

      • The reason why your stomach hurt from jack is because its not gluten free. Whiskey, scotch and bourbon are made from wheat, some people say due to the distillation process the gluten is removed. But if you’re a super sensitive celiac like me, it doesn’t cut it. Also I just think the logic behind that doesn’t make sense, like if they tell celiacs don’t cook with the same utensils for gluten and non-gluten, and baking doesn’t take the wheat out of bread…I just don’t understand it. I always get sick when I try to drink that stuff.

        Love what you’re doing though and keep it up.

      • Love the website! Is it possible to alphabetize the list of foods? Thought it might be easier for all to find products. Appreciate the write ups of each food. Thanks for starting this website.

    • Hey Jen, caramel colouring is derived from wheat however due to it being highly processed it is classified gluten free by the Coeliacs Society of Australia

      • Alothough it is gluten free after doing my own research Ive found a million or so other reasons why you should avoid it.

        Theres more to our good health then just being gluten free.

    • Progresso is owned by General Mills and I was told that the GF label is added to the foods without gluten and also no cross contamination. I only buy the ones that clearly say gluten-free. So maybe it’s not the ingredients but the processing.

    • omg … so every time i am on my period, i am still eatinggluten in a sense with taken advil liquid gels. all the normal ones i find have corn in it …, omg what do i take now for the pain?

  2. Often liquid meds are gluten free if they are clear. Many pills are not though. If all else fails liquid Benadryl is gluten free and will dry you out. I actually do not know of any cold meds with gluten.

    Most soups are not gf. Make your own. If you need a base try the Better than Boullion product. For tomato– Hunt’s tomato products are GF and they are very good about labeling. I have been having issues with Udi’s products. I know they are GF but I am reacting to something in them. Not sure what it is.

    • Melissa,
      I am gf/df for years and have found I have a reaction to tapioca. The starch and flour are used alot in commercially prepared breads and pastres. My tummy’s reaction to tapioca flour is almost as bad as to gluten. The starch does not seem to be as bad; but I try to stay away from it in general.

      • Hey Melissa – I get a bad reaction to tapioca flour too – but it doesn’t affect my small intestine like gluten – it gives me pain throughout the body from hips to shoulder blades which lasts for about 2-3 hours. I am lucky though it doesn’t have lasting affects

    • Melissa,
      Udi’s bread has at least 3 different corn ingredients, and their reps cannot guarantee that they are not genetically modified. Corn is a very inflammatory food, doesn’t digest well at all, and most corn is sulphited. Many people have reactions to the way the corn is processed. Tapioca can also be sulphited, causing more sensitivity to a person. Look up some videos on Dr. Peter Osborne’s site called, and you’ll see that corn and other GF grain substitutes have proteins in them that behave like gluten or gliadin. It may be worth your while to skip bread and grains all together!

    • Melissa!

      My Mother-in-Law reacts to several gf products & she has recently found out that she is sensitive (possibly allergic) to tapioca starch! Tapioca starch is used in many GF products!

      Maybe you could try eliminating this?

      Hope you start to feel better!
      <3 Megan

    • A lot of Udi’s products use corn, which many gluten intolerant and celiacs cross react to. I am gluten intolerant, react to corn, and can’t eat most of Udi’s products.

      • Hello :)

        Another big thing found in so many GF brands is egg and I react very strongly to it as if it were gluten! It is in most breads and cookies ..and some pastas. Soy is another huge one as is potato starch for me. It is impossible to find goodies without these in them :P but thought I would chime in and offer up these ingredients as they set me off big time!


    • Hey Sebastian. There are tons of those lists online, but I will certainly try to put one together and add to my site. Thanks.

    • All beer has gluten, unless it’s a specially made gluten free beer. There are a few decent ones on the market.

          • New Planet Off Grid pale ale is oh….so…..tasty. If you like hops, this is the gluten free beer for you! Most ciders will be gluten free and woodchuck makes a tasty beverage too.

        • I buy Bard’s and New Grist. Bard’s tastes like beer while New Grist has more of a cidery flavor. Aside from totally missing chocolate porters, these two beers have made my gluten free transition SO much easier :)

  3. Okej thanks, How about the big food change, do they serve their stuff with gluten free bread? Like Mc Donalds, burger king ? Iknow they do it in sweden :)

    • That’s interesting. I wonder why they wouldn’t do that in America. Perhaps they are made differently here and they’re not gluten free??

    • I was going to say the same thing. I think if they are made in a different factory, that can make a difference and/or possibly labeling laws are different? It’s strange, but there are a lot of indiscrepancies between US and Canada. For example, I’m pretty sure Mars bars are gluten-free in the US, but not in Canada. Weird that the ingredient formula would actually be different for the same bar (barley is used in Canada).

      • Its the same with Lea and Perrins worcestershire sauce. European and Canadian made are not GF due to the use of malt vinegar..However it has come to my attention that its American counterpart is made with white distilled vinegar and therefore in fact GF. Of course I advocate label reading but I would be interested in knowing if this is in in fact true.

        Thanks for the fun and informative list dude. Its a gluten minefield out there sometimes

  4. I think often it depends on where they are manufactured. Not long ago I was reading about some chicken or hamburger helper type products. They used to be gfree but they switched manufacturing facilities and may now get cross contaminated so they changed the labeling. On the subject of g free resteraunts they are just now starting to address gluten here and they are NOT using any gluten free substitutes. On the subject of McDonalds I even react to their fries :-( generally speaking the only place I feel comfortable eating anything more than a plain salad or baked potato is chipotle! Otherwise I carry nuts, and trail mix with me! Homemade beef jerky is good too! When I am out eating is definitely a challenge and stress inducing!

      • Things vary from country to country. In Australia McDonald’s fries are gluten free and cooked in a fries only fryer. Most Mac cafes in Aus also have a gluten free friand and a gluten free frittata. My son who works at one in Australia said they are to change gloves and use the green tongs for gluten free orders, you can order the burger with the toppings but no bun, and they will serve it in a box with a fork.

      • I haven’t tried McD’s fries since I’ve gone gf because when I checked their site to verify, It does indeed list them as gf, and they love to broadcast that. However if you pull down the ingredients tab for their fries, beef flavoring (i think thats how they termed it) is labeled as an ingredient and also that it contained wheat. So I’m really not sure how they made the claim that they’re gf. I couldn’t reconcile those two things personally so decided not to ever get them. On another note: Chick-fil-a fries are made in a dedicated fryer, meaning thats the only thing they make in them, the chicken has separate fryers, so they’re completely gf. They have a button on their screens when you order, just be sure to tell them of your allergy and they’ll make sure to change gloves and wash their hands before bagging your order. Never had a problem. Also, their grilled chicken is gf, and delicious.

        • I would be VERY hesitant to try any fast-food restaurant. You are putting your health in the hands of 17 year old kids making minimum wage. Not knocking the kids…I just think cross-contamination would be a real issue.

  5. This is cool of you to share your hard work. I feel like I should do this too. Took me nearly 20 minutes to figure out if my celiac son could eat the McKenzie Country Pork Sausage which my husband was serving. Finally found on their site a list of gluten containing products with a statement that all other products were gluten free. It was not on the list, so I let him eat it. No reaction. Verdict: Gluten-free.

  6. Came across this while voting for the Foggy Awards. Congratulations on your nomination. I am always “googling” when I have a particular product to see if it is gluten free. Im still a newbie . Diagnosed in March with celiac and lactose/dairy intolerance. Keep adding items – takes the guesswork out of it.

    • If I had started this when I was first diagnosed, I’d have a million items on it already. I’ll do my best to keep adding more.

      Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. Be patient. It gets easier…

    • Christine,

      I was diagnosed this month with celiac and lactose/dairy intolerance, so it was nice to come across your post. Since trying to make the switch, I have had so many meltdowns at the grocery store. It sounds like it will get better though and I am so happy I found this website. Thank you!

  7. Damn, I didn’t realize that craisins were possibly contaminated. Sigh. Some of the hardest things to find gluten free are dried fruits and nuts.

    • Craisins are gluten free.

      Sunmaid raisins are GF.

      SOME raisin are coated with flour to keep them from sticking, but they would list WHEAT on the label.

  8. I google products, too. I type stuff like ‘Miracle Whip gluten free’ and get lots of responses. Or I type broader queries like ‘gluten free bacon’ and some cool lists come up that way. But I have also found it helpful to call the toll free number listed on many products so I can ask them directly (especially since I have other intolerances I have to know about, too). Calling is especially helpful when it comes to OTC products like Tylenol or cold medicines etc.

  9. But here’s a word to the wise that kind of shocked me when I first learned about it. Let’s say you pick up two bags of pecans in the grocery story. One says ‘processed in the same facility with products containing peanuts, wheat, and soy.’ The other bag doesn’t say anything. Now in the past, my first reaction to the warning was usually to think ‘No way am I going to buy the one with the warning on it, because it could be contaminated.’ Then I listened to a radio podcast from Julesglutenfreeflour and found out that my reaction was probably the wrong one. The radio guest was a gf blogger (sorry, don’t remember her name) who spends HOURS of her time researching candy to find gluten free options for her children at Halloween and Easter. Therefore, she has a LOT of experience talking to manufacturers. She said it’s important to ask companies what their ‘manufacturing practices’ are, not just ‘is this product gluten free.’ By doing this, she has found that a warning on the label can actually be a good thing, because it at least lets you know that the company is ‘allergen aware.’ Sometimes that means they are also more likely to take allergen precautions. Meanwhile, when she called the companies that didn’t have the ‘scary warning’ on their product, she found that they were often clueless about gluten, allergens etc. and were LEAST likely to take precautions. It completely makes sense to me now, but prior to hearing her SAY it, the warning had the opposite effect on me…as I’m guessing it did/does for many people.

  10. When I call a manufacturer and they tell me that they post the warning because they want sensitive consumers to have all the facts, but they also want to assure me that they take every precaution to ensure that their GF products are not contaminated…I appreciate that! Some precautions I’ve heard of include running their GF lines (and ONLY their GF lines) the first week of every month. And they do it AFTER they have torn down every piece of machinery and cleaned the factory from top to bottom. When they get done running GF, only then do they bring out the wheat and other allergens to run their other products. Some places run their GF products in a totally different wing, but they still post the warning label to let consumers know there is a slight chance of contamination. And let’s face it, I’m sure some lawyer wanted to coI now LIKE calling to talk to the manufacturer. If they tell me they post the warning because they want their customers who are sensitive to know all the facts, but they also want to assure me that they take every precaution possible to protect their GF foods from bever their A**, too. But I appreciate the info either way. Like I said, the idea that the product with the warning might actually be the better choice was a revelation to me, so I have tried to pass this along. My suggestion: Read labels, google, and call the manufacturer to ask about their manufacturing practices.

  11. My last post got garbled…I don’t know why. Here is what it was supposed to say: When I call a manufacturer and they tell me that they post the warning because their want sensitive consumers to have all the facts, but they also want to assure me that they take every precaution to ensure that their GF products are not contaminated…well, appreciate that! Some precautions I’ve heard of include running their GF lines (and ONLY their GF lines) the first week of every month. And they only do it AFTER they have torn down every piece of machinery and cleaned the factory from top to bottom. When they get done running GF, only then do they bring out the wheat and other allergens to run their other products. Some places run their GF products in a totally different wing, but they still post the warning label to let consumers know there is a slight chance of contamination. And let’s face it, I’m sure some lawyer wanted to cover their a**, too. But I appreciate the info either way. Like I said, the idea that the product with the warning might actually be the better choice was a revelation to me, so I have tried to pass this along. My suggestion: Read labels, google, and call the manufacturer to ask about their manufacturing practices. You might be surprised to find that they take enough precautions to satisfy your concerns.

  12. I’ve been gf for 8yrs. I had no help from anyone when I received my diagnosis, actually told by my doctors “you’re on your own” and later “you know more about the disease than I do”. I found a site that listed gf safe and unsafe food lists. Since then a lot of foods have moved from the unsafe list to the safe list. I have permanent damage to my intestinal tract (thank you for misdiagnosing me for over 40yrs). I eat a very strict gf diet and have found so many other allergies/intolerances. I have found that most of the foods moved from the unsafe list to the safe list have made me very sick. Starches are a problem, esp. pre-gelatinized starch which is a cheap filler in medications. I wish instead of listing a product as gf they would actually list how many ppm their product has and let the buyer make their choice safely. 1ppm makes me sick. But really think about it, you eat 3 gf products in 1 day that have 20ppm, that’s 60ppm in 1 day and your damaging your intestines and might never know. My doctor told me I’m the lucky one because I know when a product contains gluten, others don’t know the damage they are doing to themselves if they don’t have any reaction. So, for those of you who don’t, beware what you eat because there is a lot of food on the shelves listed as gf that’s not really gf! Examples: corn starch – estimated that 90% of all corn starch is contaminated; natural smoked bacon – a barley rub is used on the meat before smoking to help the meat absorb more smoke flavor.

    • That would be awesome Sue if they could list the ppm. I find it unreal that it can say Gluten Free as long as it’s below 20ppm. Gluten free should mean just that…gluten dang free.

      • My understanding is that 20 ppm is the lowest reliable amount that gluten-detecting equipment, assays, etc. can detect, and that lower measures are unreliable – this is why many countries have landed on 20 ppm as the defining point between gluten-containing and gluten-free. My information is a few years old though, and gluten-detection technology may have improved since then.

    • Have you tried to heal your gut with probiotics? You will probably never be not gluten intolerant–but you can do a lot of healing for the damage done with good probiotics.

    • I have Mentos marked down as an Unknown. And if they make you feel ill, I think that answers the question. Stay away from.

    • just wanted to add that YEAST in any form is very bad for Celiacs and any dried fruit has it :( I was so upset by that as I was using the GF Cranrasins and feeling awful and did some research ..finding out that Yeast in any form even naturally occurring like in some fruits, is the #2 most dangerous for Celiacs! Anyway..hope this gives some insight as to why you are feeling blaaa!

  13. Hi, there! Just wanted to let you know that because of you, I emailed Wrigley company this morning to inquire into the gluten free status of their gum products and was pleasantly surprised to receive an answer within in an hour. Not only did they address my concerns about what was IN the gum, they addressed all my concerns about cross-contamination from where the materials are stored to what is in the wrappers around the gum itself! I was very impressed with the depth of their response and will be happy to forward the email to you, if you would like to include them in your list.

  14. A good substitute for S Y R U P is sifted (GF) powdered sugar and lemon. It makes great toping for F R E N C H T O A S T . Simply make your french toast (I make it in a George Foreman Grill), therefore using little to no butter or oil. When cooked, butter with GF butter which I buy at Whole Foods. Then sift GF powdered sugar ont it, and then squeeze fresh lemon on top.
    D E L I C I O U S. ENJOY!

  15. In response to the above post concerning Craisins – I, too, have a large bag that I bought at Sam’s Club in the US that is labeled gluten free.

  16. My son drinks Redbridge, which seems to be the most commonly available. It is in grocery stores. But others are usually available in health food stores and organic groceries.

  17. Thanks for sharing your research! I have a 9 yr old son who has celiac. Still adjusting…first to what it gluten free and lately what is gluten free and healthy. We have been using Aunt Jemima…now I am thinking twice.

  18. Gluten Dude, I like what you got going on here! Your site /blogs are equal parts; informative, gluten community and hilarity all wrapped into one. Keep up the good fight!

  19. There is a lot of misinformation about modified food starch and vinegars and “caramel color” circulating regarding gluten.

    Modified food starch is from usually corn — UNLESS the product is labeled CONTAINS WHEAT.

    Caramel coloring is NOT to be worried about UNLESS the label says WHEAT.

    Food labeling laws are in place to help us!!.

    If you are in doubt, use only Certified GF products (marked with a giant black GF in a circle) or products from dedicated facilities.

    Some dedicated facilities are:

    Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free 
    1-2-3 Meredith’s Marvelous 
    Authentic Foods gluten-free
    King Arthur Gluten free Gluten free
    Cause You’re Special 
    The Cravings Place 
    Andean Dream
    Organic Nectars 
    Foods by George 
    Gluten-free FULL FLAVOR Gravy Packets
    Prana Bar
    Enjoy Life 
    Against the Grain 
    Rudi’s GF bread

    And for pancakes, just use pure maple syrup. :>)
    Bottled syrups are full of crap.

    A celiac MUST learn how to read Labels.

    LISTS OF safe and unsafe gluten free foods:…ents/Page1.html…ents/Page1.html

    Hope this helps a little bit!
    Cheers, IH

    • Ingredients that are derived from wheat are not necessarily gluten filled, people – for example glucose from wheat does not have the protein gluten so is therefore gluten free. Reading your comments – I feel fortunate – in Australia it is compulsory for lists of ingredients in packaged food and our coeliacs society gives us an application for our i-phone or a pocket book to check ingredients when shopping – I am eating way more foods than what I thought now. I can now eat Cadbury Chocolate and Crunchies without worrying- yum!

    • Boiled sugar and water is also good. Tons of simple recipes for syrup on the net. A little thicker than maple syrup if you are into texture. Tastes way better than the commercial crap. Only takes about two minutes.

    • In fact, I just wanted to correct the above statement about ‘Caramel Colouring’ …. usually BARLEY is used, so for those that are celiac or gluten intolerant, ‘Caramel Colouring’ should be avoided.

      Wheat, Barley, Rye (and sometimes oats due to cross contamination) ALL contain gluten proteins.

      Be well. I know so much online information can be contradictory at times. Two wonderful books I read and resort to often are “Wheat Belly” and “Grain Brain”. Loads of information, but very, very useful.

  20. And yes, if you STILL seem to react to ANY products, even those with a GF label, then you should avoid packaged products. You would have to eat an enormous amount of GF packaged stuff to take in an unsafe level of trace gluten.

    But, you are the best judge of what works best for you.

    There simply is no such thing as “zero gluten”" in packaged products.

    There is “as close to zero as can be” and. that’s as good as it gets for us if we wish to use GF products..

    Regarding Foods containing 20ppm gluten or less?

    Only foods that contain 20ppm or less can be labelled as ‘gluten-free’.

    The term ‘gluten-free’ implies no gluten, but in reality, a zero level does not exist.!


  21. Gluten free dude,
    Do you have any thoughts on Mike’s
    Hard Lemonade? I know that the lite versions say
    Gluten Free, but what about the other flavor
    varieties? I thought the company said all are gluten free.
    I am not sure, any input?

    • Stay away from Mike’s. It’s made with barley and malt and though they say it’s removed during the fermentation process, they cannot guarantee it’s gluten free. Those are the facts as I understand them. There are some other nice ciders on the market that are definitely gluten free. I just had a nice irish cider tonite with dinner called Magners. It was pretty tasty.

      • This always confuses me! In Canada, Mike’s Hard Lemonade (my drink of choice) is made from Vodka. Every time I go to the US I automatically reach for the Mikes, but then I read “favored malt beverage”.

        • You get vodka? I think I need to find a way to visit…
          All the ‘wine coolers’, ‘hard lemonades’, and similar I have ever seen here are malt beverages – especially if they’re sold nationally at grocery, convenience, or regular retail stores. It’s how they qualify as beer. With our alcohol rules, many stores wouldn’t be able to sell them otherwise.

  22. When first diagnosed with Celiac, it is human nature to want to immediately find a substitute for all of the former ‘staples’ in your life like bread, crackers, pancakes, desserts. And so I tried GF product after GF product, all the while wondering why I still felt bad even though I was eating ‘gluten free.’ I would ponder whether I had messed up and eaten too many servings of GF processed foods in one day, so even though each product supposedly contained less than 20ppm, at some point I had cumulatively gone ‘over the line’ and caused a gluten reaction. Or I’d obsess about all the OTHER grains in the product (most of which I had never heard of before going GF) and I’d wonder if I was allergic to one of them. On and on it went like that, always looking for an explanation….until I realized that I just needed to stay away from ALL processed GF ‘replacement’ foods and GIVE MY GUTS A CHANCE TO HEAL!! When I made that commitment, I focused on plain fruits, vegetables, and meats that were NATURALLY GF. I used single spices (not blends) that I knew were GF (McCormick). I am also dairy, soy and legume intolerant, so those were out as well. I’ll admit, eating isn’t easy. But I feel better. I AM BETTER! It is my belief that the reason so many Celiacs have multiple food intolerances is because our digestive tracts are too damaged and inflamed to break down those foods. Processed food just aggravate the situation. After taking them out of the picture, my insides have healed to the point of having only ‘minimal villi damage’ according to my last endoscopy. I feel better. I AM BETTER!!! And I have been able to add back foods that I used to not be able to handle.To be honest, it’s possible that I could now handle some of the foods I listed above, but since they are the foods that always caused the most painful symptoms, I’m afraid to risk re-introducing them. Right now, it’s not worth it to me! It feels too GOOD to feel GOOD! I admit there are times I still feel sorry for myself (at family get togethers, parties etc.). But overall, I have learned to eat to live rather than live to eat. AND IT IS WORTH IT!

  23. I agree. Less is best.

    It takes a LONG time to heal a damaged GI tract lining.

    While MANY celiacs can use processed all the available GF foods from the very beginning and replace all those “goodies” with safe substitutes, some of us cannot.

    We ended up baking our own bread and taking it easy on the “goodies” aspect because I was in dire straights at DX.

    EVERYTHING I ATE seemed to be a problem. I could not tolerate much, but gradually, after sticking to whole foods (meat, poultry, rice, veggies, fruits, nuts and coconut milk in place of dairy) and minimal processed items (and again, these were only from dedicated facilities) then, I started to get well. It took me nearly a year to turn a big corner. I was as diligent and “clean” as possible. No gluten in this house.

    The only times I get glutened and set myself back for weeks (3 times) was when I took someone else’s word for it that something was GF.

    Maybe the INGREDIENTS are inherently GF, but the PREPARATION (i.e. cross contamination or “made in a facility/kitchen that also processes/uses wheat”) is what always comes back to bite me on the arse.

    I can enjoy more foods now and I feel much better than I did for over 12 years. I do not miss gluten at all. It tried to kill me.
    No food is worth that. I learned to adapt all my recipes and I never feel deprived. Anyone can do it!
    I bring delicious food WITH me to family gatherings, on vacations, anywhere I am going to need safe food.

    NEVER go anywhere with an empty cooler!!! :>)

    We have to let go of what we cannot have at some point and focus on what we can have. Otherwise, this thing will own us.

  24. sorry for the typo–I was glutened by a product labeled “gluten free” and assured it was “safe” by customer service and well, the last 4 days tell me otherwise…..and I plead “Gluten head” (Earth Family seasoning and dip mix) I rarely try something new. See what I mean? Happens to us all.

    that sentence should read:

    “While many Celiacs can use all the available GF foods”

    My brain was thinking “processed” and forgot to edit it out.
    apologies! :>)

  25. News from Canada: PepsiCo Foods Canada Lay’s brand is the first to certify products with the Canadian Celiac Association under the CCA’s new Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP).

    This is a new program of the CCA so we’ll see how it goes. I personally will not be running out to buy Lays, as I don’t really like chips, but I guess its good news for Celiacs that do! Probably best only to buy Lays that actually have the GFCP logo on the package, and its not clear when those will start appearing in stores.

  26. Sending my daughter to Massachusetts next year (1800 miles away), I realized that the careful shopping for meats (with mistakes still made) may go for naught unless her food service buys special pork, chicken and even beef. All can contain added broth that can contain soy sauce. Institutional food sources are infamous for not using food labels and I can just imagine the push for more added “broth” when selling in bulk by the lb. When I first read about the percentage of these animal products contaminated with this wheat source, I went into shock after peeling back the layers of misinformation for the last four years.

    I feel the effects of gluten-contamination right away (I thought that opioid feeling was just the 70′s in my college days!) but my daughter has every migraine known about a year later. The ignorant administrators even kicked her out of her private school after the “required participation” new food service (touting gluten-free food, of course) served her nothing safe with mostly contaminated food. Nothing quite like a year long dose of malnutrition when just recovering after diagnosis.

    I’d appreciate any good sources you can think of for non-contaminated meats for college kids (or any of us, for that matter) facing the lip service given by well-meaning but ignorant food managers. Whole Foods is not far in Hadley and there are organic food coops in central MA. I’m still not sure about Safeway’s Open Nature (listed as “natural”). Most diagnosed college kids we spoke to on visits seemed to not understand the vigilance needed maintain health.

    My daughter is facing four years of someone else’s cooking. I believe prayers and a rice (slow) cooker are in order.

    A microbiologist by education (ain’t that a joke?), finishing my Masters in Applied Gerontology with a special study about specialized diets for long-term care. Next, nutrition promotion and education in a PhD program in Public Health (specializing in guess what condition?!?) for both ends of the age spectrum facing captive food services.

    Diagnosed five years ago (age 52) with my daughter being our canary that fell from the perch first. Thank you, darlin’ girl for allowing me to now have the best and healthiest years of my life!

    • I wish I could offer you some assistance but a celiac in college is the one area I have not covered and am just not that familiar with. I suppose it all depends on the school…and I know there are some out there who take it very seriously. But obviously, you have already made your school choice.

      I wish your daughter much health and happiness for the next 4 years. And you too!

    • Good luck to your daughter, the next four years will definitely be very rough sticking to the gf diet. Have you thought of having her live off campus? My daughter resided in Mass for a few years and I was very impressed with the quantity and quality of gf foods available in stores. The college might have apartments as opposed to the dorm life also so she could cook her own food. If it doesn’t work out and she is sick too often, look into other colleges.
      Best of luck!

    • Hi Margaret,

      Did you speak with the chef and/or foodservice manager while you did your campus visit(s)? If not, you should before your daughter leaves for school. Find out how they will handle her food requirements and how they handle special requests. We did, even though we were asking for when I would visit our daughter, not for her. I was uber-impressed when we visited Illinois Wesleyan and St. Olaf College. The Illinois Wesleyan chef spent ten minutes with me describing their processes and what is available for gluten free students. Both schools take special requests from students with food issues, and St. Olaf has a gluten free cereal/bread/toaster area in its cafeteria.


  27. Hi, Margaret.. I have not had a Celiac child in college, but I know of a blogger who writes about this topic. I just can’t think of her name right now. I follow Jules Shepherd of and she posted an article one time that was written by the blogger in question. I followed her for a while, also, but was getting so bogged down in online reading that I cut WAY back on my blogger ‘likes’ on Facebook. I’m thinking that if I write to Jules she would definitely know the name of the blogger. The woman’s daughter (the college student) now writes her own blog and tells how she is coping. I do know that one of her tactics is to have a dorm room fridge that she keeps ‘her’ food in so she is never without SOMETHING to eat. She and her mother also met with people from the college to see about special cafeteria accommodations. Like everywhere else, some colleges are more up to date than others. I read that Baylor University in Waco, Texas is considered the BEST provider for people with Celiac Disease and food allergies etc. Perhaps you could check into what they do and share some of those ideas with your daughter’s school. I find that restaurants, hotels and other institutions are simply not informed about what we need, but if we educate them they are USUALLY willing to help. I’d like to assume your daughter’s school will be more than willing to accommodate her needs…but just for the sake of argument, you might want to look up the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and see if you can use that to ‘encourage’ the school to do what is right. I think they have to come up with a way to accommodate her if she has a medical diagnosis…but don’t take my word for it. Look up the ADA info. Let the school know that research shows that as many as 1 in 100 people may have Celiac Disease, plus many thousands (or is it millions?) are gluten intolerant. My point being, you can use this info to stress to the administration that this is not just something you are asking them to do for YOUR child alone. It is something they need to do in the very near future if they want to continue to compete for the best and brightest students. People absolutely DO select colleges based on their various issues/needsregarding learning disabilities, sports, academic offerings, and YES, even their issues about FOOD! Good luck to you. I will write to Jules and get back to you with the name of that blogger.

  28. I wrote to Skinny Girl regarding all of their products& here is their resonse: The ingredients in Skinnygirl Margarita, Piña Colada, Red Wine, Rose Wine, and White Wine are not produced from cereals containing gluten and do not contain gluten.
    The alcohol in Skinnygirl Sangria do not contain gluten. A portion of the other ingredients in this product were produced from cereals containing gluten that were added prior to distillation. Gluten can be found in small grains such as rye, barley, oats, wheat, etc. It is generally accepted that the process of distillation excludes gluten in the finished product.The primary alcohol sources in Skinnygirl Cosmo, Bare Naked Vodka, Cucumber Vodka, Island Coconut Vodka and Tangerine Vodka are produced from the fermentation and distillation of cereals containing gluten such as rye, barley, oats, wheat, etc.. Gluten can be found in small grains such as rye, barley, oats, wheat, etc. It is generally accepted that the process of distillation excludes gluten in the finished product. The secondary alcohol source and other ingredients are not produced from cereals containing gluten and do not contain gluten.

  29. I couldn’t find certified gluten free nuts near me. (greater Toronto area) found a fantastic website instead called

    They have raw, organic and gluten free flours, nuts dried fruits and each time I have received an extra goodie in my shipment. They have been invaluable to me. I make my own nut milk and it is always delicious with any of the nuts I have gotten from them. Walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, you name it!

    • Hi Melanie,

      Yes are great, but one thing they do not have are Tiger Nuts, and Tiger Nuts are Gluten Free, Organic, have 10 times the fiber of cashews, five times walnuts and three times almonds. they also have less calories and fats too!

      Ok, we are and we would just ask you to check out who we are and see if our Supreme Peeled Tiger Nuts might be a perfect snack food for you.

      We believe that Tiger Nuts are the “Healthiest ‘single source’ snack food on the market”.

      Yours in health,

      Jack – Chief Nut at

  30. Very cool addition to the site. Not for publishing unless you want to – just wondering if there is a way to make this searchable and can your post section go to the top so you didn’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page. Great addition to the site.

  31. Just recently found out that Advil Liqui-gels have wheat in them! Holy Cow – I have been poisoning myself for years.
    The tablets and caplets are gluten-free.

  32. I do not know why (because I never went back to that doctor) but the first thing the PA who gave me my Celiac diagnosis said was, ‘From now on you cannot take Ibuprofen. You need to switch to Tylenol.’

  33. Great helpful site.

    I wanted to comment on your experience with Jack Daniels. Distillation is not an all-or-nothing process as some people claim. There are a few studies showing that some distilled liquors contain gluten, but the level may be below the 20 ppm that is generally considered “gluten-free.” So a product may be considered “gluten free”, labeled “gluten free”, and still have gluten in it. Depending on your sensitivity level, that very low level of gluten may make you sick. Or you may be sensitive to corn (which is the major grain in Jack’s).

    For example, I am a celiac & also allergic to corn and sugar cane. I get sick when I drink any liquor other than tequila, potato vodka, or grape vodka, because of the residual allergens in the liquor. I also get sick from most red wines, because many are aged in barrels sealed with wheat paste (French wines), or treated with wheat during the fining process (Australian wines). Yet most people will tell you that wine is safe.

    Bottom line – if it causes distress, don’t eat or drink it, even if it is labeled “gluten free”. It may be fine for some celiacs, but obviously not for you.

    • I agree 100% Alex. In a perfect world, gluten free would mean GLUTEN FREE. But alas, we’re stuck with what we have as the FDA drags their asses.

    • I think that message needs to get out, not everyone with CD can eat everything labeled GF safely. It is a very individualized disease and affects everyone in various ways. You know your own body and its limitations. Accept when someone says they can’t or don’t want to try something and move on! I, for one, am tired of having to explain to hard-headed, non-believers why I can’t eat something.
      Even some with CD that don’t have the same allergies/intolerances that I have will try to convince me to eat something. This person gets sick an awful lot too, just saying…..

  34. Dude! You need to go to Costco and get yourself a big ol’ bottle of their pure maple syrup! Gluten-free, delicious, and much better for you than that Log Cabin & Aunt Jemima stuff! :)

  35. Hi
    I have just come across and ingredient on a dark chocolate bar called “wheat fiber” does anybody know if this would contain gluten please? you cant be too careful!!!

  36. Your search time would be cut down quite a bit if you got the gluten-free shopping guide from Cecelia’s Marketplace. You can Google it to order. I order it every year and it has a really thorough list of gluten-free products even when they’re not labeled.

      • Just wanted to say thank you for all of the good info. I had forgotten about Pam cooking spray. My jaw dropped about the Reese’s PB cups, so I went on their website and it is listed under their gluten free products on the Hershey’s website, just as an FYI. 12/2012.

  37. Greetings gluten dude, just came across your sight while researching gluten free food. I’ve been on a gluten free diet for a month now, due to chronic migraine headaches.
    I have not been diagnosed with celiacs, nor have I been tested. It seems that all the neuro docs I’ve been to just want to pump me full of meds that dont work, make me tired, put on weight, and create brain fog thicker than pea soup. (I’m actually shocked I remember enough to describe) . None have suggested gluten intolerance/allergy. It wasn’t until I spoke to a friend that I decided to give it a try.
    It’s only been a month but I can tell you that my monthy headache count has been cut nearly in half, from 15-17 per month, down to 7-8 per month, and not as intense. Most importantly I’m no longer taking any medications.
    I’m also trying to cut out MSG’s as I believe they are as much to blame as gluten.
    I just wanted to share my limited experience In hopes that it may help someone else suffering from chronic headaches. I am also looking forward to others response to my posting.
    I am going to continue gluten/MSG free for at least 2 more months and in the meantime try to find a reputable doctor to be tested for food allergies.

    • Chad, I’ve been put into the same category of self-diagnosed Celiac as you have been. My biopsy was inconclusive, due to already being on a gluten-free diet for long enough to create a questionable false-negative. But my allergy doctor/immunologist said that most likely, the symptoms I had (swelling in extremities, auto-immune disorder flare-ups, inflammation in upper intestine, stomach, esophagus, gall bladder failure, My thyroid went hypo, insulin was pooling in my blood, and LOTS of headaches!!) But through diet … mostly going GF, but also a few other elements… I’m feeling a WHOLE lot better!! Very few headaches, and all the other symptoms are clearing up too!

      I’ve found that in addition to going gluten-free, my headaches respond to eliminating MSG, sulphates, nitrates, anything that preserves processed meats, I’ve started buying only Boars Head brand meats, because I haven’t yet had a bad reaction to any of it. Applegate Farms is also a good brand without all the preservatives. Good luck Chad!

    • Chad, what I meant to say… in spite of digressing so badly… was that although I had had a false-negative biopsy, my immunologist assured me that very VERY likely I am indeed Celiac… but that it doesn’t really matter. Gluten Intolerance can be serious enough on its own, and it truly amounts to the same thing. I simply MUST keep to a gluten-free diet for my entire life… and listen to my body when it’s telling me that other foods and ingredients are consistently causing me pain.

      I’m making it a personal mission (and maybe at some point, I’ll blog about my adventures in cooking)…fro but I want to break free of the drudgery and the cardboard bread.

      Since we’re just getting started on this journey, we’ve got lots of good resources from people who have been fighting this for years. But there’s always room for improvement on every recipe! That’s my challenge… to make the BEST pizza crust. ;-)

  38. Dear Dude -

    One of your posts had a photo of the vitamin bottles you use. Is there a site you use to see which ones are GF or not?

    I have to take D3 and it just dawned on me that I don’t even know if there is gluten in that stuff!

    I was able to find out that my particular thyroid medicine does not contain gluten. WHEW!

    • I don’t have one website that I use. I take it on a product by product basis. Glad your medicine was gfree. Whew indeed!

  39. I call the toll free number listed on some products. Some supplement companies like Metagenics and Douglas Laboratories will print info on their labels, similar to food manufacturers. A common notation might say something like, ‘Formulated to be gluten, dairy, soy and egg free.’ But for most over the counter items like pain relievers and cold medicines, I call the company. P.S. The first thing my doctor said when telling me I had Celiac was that I could not take Ibuprofen and would have to switch to Tylenol.

      • my ddoctor told me the same thing. i’m still waiting on biopsy results but he said i have ulcerations and inflammation and now im not allowed to have any product containing asprin. he said ibuprophen doesnt have asprin in it but it can cause more problems with ulcers and inflammation. may be the same reason. i don’t think we really think about what our issues actually look like when we talk about them or experience them, but if that is part of the disease, then knowing that is enough to make me take it seriously and not cheat in hopes of not having pain “this time”

  40. Wow…I’ll have to check into that. His exact words were ‘For some reason, it really seems to aggravate the situation.’ He never actually said I couldn’t take it because it had gluten in it.

    • my ddoctor told me the same thing. i’m still waiting on biopsy results but he said i have ulcerations and inflammation and now im not allowed to have any product containing asprin. he said ibuprophen doesnt have asprin in it but it can cause more problems with ulcers and inflammation. may be the same reason. i don’t think we really think about what our issues actually look like when we talk about them or experience them, but if that is part of the disease, then knowing that is enough to make me take it seriously and not cheat in hopes of not having pain “this time”

    • My sister was diagnosed celiac with numbers so high they said there was no need for a biopsy to confirm. She also cannot have NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory). No aspirin, no ibuprofen, no naproxen. She gets anaphylactic type reactions to them. I was never diagnosed celiac (blood test came back negative but could’ve been a false negative?) but I am gluten-free, and have severe reactions to gluten. I also have reactions to NSAIDs, though not as bad as my sister. I wonder if there’s some sort of connection between NSAIDs and gluten intolerance/celiac.

  41. In reference toward the vodkas. Not only should you be worried about the flavored ones, but also certain brands. My father and I both have a somewhat rare reaction to gluten as part of being a celiac, called dermatitis herpetiformis that causes sores when gluten is ingested within an hour, so we can fairly readily gauge whether or not we’ve been dosed. Last time I was home, a friend brought over a bottle of Stolichnaya Vodka, and about 45 minutes after his first drink, my father had a very apparent reaction. Later on after many unhelpful e-mails with their website, we found out that one of their processing techniques of the trade is to enhance the flavor of the vodka by putting some of the mash back in towards the end of the process, wherein the gluten molecules will not be fully taken out by distillation.

    Just a heads up, trust but verify, every time.

    • How about that? Thanks so much for the info.

      By the way, I love pretending I’m Sean Connery in The Hunt for Red October and saying the word Stolichnaya.

    • Thanks for the info on the vodka Sam. That explanation was helpful because my reaction now makes perfect sense. I like vodka, but can only have potato vodka, as anything from “grain”, as they label it, leaves me with a dull pain and feeling foggy. It’s as if I’d eaten food with gluten-grain ingredients.

    • Sam,

      Thanks for posting that. I just so happen to love vodka. I am also a fan of many flavored vodkas, but I usually stick with Smirnoff because it is distilled from corn. And not all of their flavored vodkas are gluten free. I checked with Smirnoff and I know that Rasberry definitely is.



  42. I’ve been diagnosed for two weeks now, how do I get ahold of your list? I’m so confused right now on what I can eat and what words mean what on the labels.

  43. I just called Costo about their Kirkland Signature No Calorie Sweetener and found out is gluten–free and not around any other wheat products. Thank goodness I have a whole box of it and am newly diagnosed.

  44. I am sooooooo glad I found this site. About two years ago I noticed that my face would break out at certain times. I was diagnosed with rosacea but if didn’t make since to me that I was broken out some days and not others. It took me two years to realize that it is the gluten. I just want to say that I appreciate the postings! If I run into any good infirmation I will be most happy to share it!

  45. Hey Gluten Dude (and everyone else who may read this too) – AWESOME site – THANK YOU! I am a newbie and a seeker of information. I found you today, through a search and have been sitting here for literally hours reading, absorbing and even having a few crying spells. I, like some others, have not received a definitive diagnosis of CD (through no fault or my own or for lack of trying!) If I had a dollar for every test I requested and every “specialist” I’ve seen … Well, out of pure dismay and feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, I’ve taken the reigns and have been on this self-propelled journey into getting to the bottom of my health issues (that, by the way, have gone untreated, and therefore, have been worsening and wreaking havoc on my body (and mind!)). Since I’ve suffered now for about 15 or so years, this has become a very indepth journey indeed. I am making progress, in very small steps, but that is because my case has become complicated due to the long period of time I’ve not been properly diagnosed and all the damage that’s been done — to my entire body. In any event, diagnosis-diagschmosis!! Even though results of all the testing done to date seems to indicate I do not have CD (per my doting, interested, ultra-caring physicians anyway , my body and I beg to differ. I may or may not have CD, but I definitely suffer from an intolerance!! Even though it kills this Italian-Portuguese girl from Jersey to think I’ll never again be able to have any of the true comfort food I’ve grown up on (i.e. pasta, bagels, creamy sauces, etc.), I have succumbed and I am committed to going GF for my health, first and foremost, but for my sanity as well. While heading in this direction, I dipped a toe in the pool of curiosity and decided to test it out. Well, wouldn’tcha know, when I refrained from eating gluten, I did feel somewhat better. Mind you, it was just a short-term test, certainly not long-term enough to evoke a cure, by any means, but nonetheless, it showed promising results!!! That has convinced me that I need to do this full-on and fully commit to it, accept that it’s a lifestyle change – and actually one for the better. Today, I went through my pantry and read everything on every label (yes, QUITE confusing to say the least), being sure to toss any offending foods – including those that I wasn’t sure about. Finding your site and reading everyone’s posts brought me a lot of comfort in knowing “It’s not just me” … “I’m not alone” … and “Dang, I’m not crazy either!” It’s a long road ahead for me. I am so looking forward to the day when I begin to really “FEEL” better consistently and see a curtailment of the myriad of symptoms and health issues that have plagued me for so long. By then, I’m hopeful that my anger from having to endure all the suffering all this time, will have subsided as much as my ailments.
    Thank you again for having this forum where like-minds can congregate on this issue and get personal input from those who are further in the process of getting healthy from this assault on our bodies. Likewise, thank you to everyone here who has participated by sharing your story, input, advice and/or suggestions. They really do mean a LOT to those I will term ‘seekers’.
    Seek and you shall find … knowledge is power.
    All the best,

  46. It is repeated as an absolute truth that distillation by definition removes all gluten from distilled alcohol. My body tells me this is not the case.

    I am non-celiac gluten-intolerant (self-diagnosed), and I never get violently ill. But my symptoms are quite reproducible. I know when I have been glutened, and since I prepare all my own food most of the time, it is pretty clear what is responsible.

    I can drink rum, tequila, real potato vodka, brandy, and other non-grain-based distilled liquors without incident. I have reacted to grain-based vodkas. I have also reacted to a brand of potato vodka I used to drink which suddenly became unsafe and remains that way.

    I would never intentionally drink any sort of whiskey. They add impurities back into it. How could it not have gluten?

    Get this, Despite the fact that I never get intestinal symptoms from eating foods, I do get the feeling of inflamed intestines when I drink contaminated alcohol, which also includes regular beer.

    I am not the only one who I know that reacts with glutening symptoms after drinking distilled spirits. Most do not seem to. But many are just repeating what they read on the internet.

    Listen to your body.

    • Same with distilled/white vinegar! I didn’t know the salad dressing I had been using regularly had switched to white vinegar from apple cider vinegar. Yes, I know, read all labels, my bad! I was getting so ill it was noticeable to others. I went back to reading all labels and saw the change, called the company to find out when they made the change and it was around the same time I started getting very ill. Nothing will ever make me believe that 100% is removed in the distillation process! I feel they should make companies put the ppm on the label and let the consumer make the safe choice for themself!

  47. I got as far advil liquid gels…REALLY?????? That explains why I’m still sick. I had no idea, I take them for my migraines and they’re probably contributing to the problem..arggghhh

      • I see that now Dude – wow this thing is off the charts. I love that this site is not boring while being super informative. I’m trying not to comment spam on all the fab stuff I’m reading, learning, relating to on here, every post I’ve read is just great. I think I’ve spent more time on here over the last few days than on any other GF blog or site and I’m just in awe, wow wow wow. I checked all my vitamins, but I didn’t ever think advil would have it in it. Well now I know :) Smarter moving forward :) lol story of my life hahaha.

  48. Anyone know about Bailey’s? That’s my FAVORITE! Supposedly during the distellation process the gluten is removed – but I’m not sure. All I know is that when I drink it I sleep for about a week. I don’t seem to get sick (unless I drink copious amouts – but that’s any alcohol!!) but it does make me incredibly tired – gluten tired.


    *Please say it’s gluten free, Please say it’s gluten free, Please say it’s gluten free, Please say it’s gluten free, Please say it’s gluten free, Please say it’s gluten free, Please say it’s gluten free*

      • Ah crud. I must have missed that one in my desperate search for an answer. And double crud for the answer. Guess it’ll just have to be vodka from here on out!

        • You can make bailey’s super easily. There’s a bunch of recipes online (just google Homemade Bailey’s recipe). I prefer a nice dark/black spiced rum to the Irish Whyskey but I think I may have been Captin Jack in another world ;) (“Why is the rum gone?” story of my life hahaha) – if you do dairy you make it with sweetened condensed milk, chocolate syrup and instant coffee – it lasts for weeks (I leave out the coffee – it met with mixed reviews from my testers – aka drinking partners). I have made vegan ones using coconut milk with excellent results as well, Kraken is a great rum for this – I’m not a fan for drinking the Kraken straight up but in mock Bailey’s it awesome :) – and it’s gluten free for sure I just checked says so right on the website.

      • If you’re willing to try a different Irish Cream, Carolans states on its web site that it IS gluten-free: (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

        Also, just checked the Baileys site – they hedge their bets saying they’re not qualified to give a medical opinion, but it sounds like the only risky item is the whiskey (made from a gluten grain). Everything I’ve read about distilled spirits suggests that whiskey does NOT have gluten, so if you’re ok with whiskey you should be ok with Baileys. But I’m not a medical expert. :)

  49. I use Colgate toothpaste, so I contacted the company to be sure of the gluten free status. They told me that all of their toothpastes are certified gluten free. Just wanted to pass that along.

  50. Wow, I would have never suspected Advil Liqui-Gels as having gluten! I’ve been taking them for years (mainly during my periods) and my antibodies have been continuing to be really high…I don’t get sick when I ingest gluten so it’s very difficult to tell what is keeping me sick. This is such valuable information, I can’t tell you how glad I am to have found this out.

  51. I get a Fuze iced tea from Subway on a regular basis. I have been told to go gf just this month. I am doing the best I can. Every day, a little after I take the first sip of the iced tea, I feel stomach pain and uncomfortable. Your verdict is unknown. I wonder if it does contain gluten somehow, or maybe it is the gluten in the air at Subway. Gosh, I hope I am not that allergic, especially since my celiac test was negative.

    Thank you for this site and info, I am overwhelmed at the thought of a lifetime without gluten right now.


    • Hi meg, my celiac tests were negative too and it took me months after going gf to figure out if there’s flour in the air it’ll make me sick. It could be the fuse drink, but it could also be in the air. I’d give up both…but I’m just that tired of being glutened and getting sick :) this site is great, I learn do much here – best of luck to you!

      • That is what I feared. They were baking bread today, and I am in an especially bad amount of pain in my lower right side of my abdomen, where I ALWAYS have pain. I think that might be my answer.

        Thank you Valerie. I am glad to know you are finding relief.


  52. Gluten Dude, I have been gluten sensitive for years now, but only discovered 2 yrs ago. My first cousin has full blown celiac & she says beef is a no no for gluten sensitive people. All the info I seem to find on this states that 100% beef should not be a problem. I have notice that when I eat a burgers “no bun” It seems to stick in my colon and I become constipated and sick. I don’t have this 100% confirmed but It seems that ground beef and I simply don’t go well together. Any thoughts on this?

  53. Maseca corn products claim to be gluten free. it would appear that although Maseca mills wheat, too, they do it at a separate facility in a different town. Their masa makes awesome corn tortillas!

  54. No WONDER! Geez, I feel stupid. I’ve been taking Advil liqui-gels, and I guess I just never looked up the information. Months ago, I told my husband I was having reactions and suspected it was the Advil, but for some reason still never looked it up (and I look EVERYTHING up)! I feel so so so stupid. I was so frustrated not knowing where the gluten was coming from that I was dreading every meal. At least now I know it’s definitely that.

  55. I just had an endoscopy and was told the biopsy came back showing early signs of celiac disease. I was then scheduled for blood work. I meet with my doctor on Wednesday, but does this mean I do have CD or is it just a possibility?

    • Usually it’s blood work followed by an endoscopy to confirm. Not sure why it was done the other way, unless you had it for another reason. You either have celiac or you don’t. Not sure what “early signs” means.

  56. Was diagnosed a week ago. Used to be a Facebook game addict now it’s a celiac info addict. Love your sight and will continue to learn more after yrs and yrs of misdiagnosis of just stomach problems.

  57. Last month I was diagnosed with wheat corn and soy intolerance. By eliminating foods with the above I feel so much better. Eating n restaurants is a challenge; I don’t eat dairy, meat or shellfish but have some fish. I have used a few supposedly good gluten free products although I still react to Udi bread! I miss chocolate!!! Help!

  58. I just looked up Hershey bars on their website because I just had an issue with them as the likely culprit. Only the small little bite size bars are gluten free. Not the s’more size bars! This is a heads up they go out of their way to say not gluten free.

  59. Vodka….. I have avoided it (except potato vodka, which is pretty tasty). I just can’t bring myself to drink something that has a big wheat sheaf on it! (I think it is Fris brand that had that on the bottle)

    I’ll stick to rum and tequila and wine…just to be on the safe side. ;-)

    Grateful that I never liked beer anyhow!

  60. Going GF was nothing compared to having to be soy and dairy free. So much today is GF, but riddled with soy and milk. :/

    • Charity, we understand your problem, and here’s a solution, Tiger Nuts.

      Tiger Nuts are Gluten Free, Organic, High Fiber, Nut Free and here it comes, they are Lactose Free.

      Now the question, “What the heck are Tiger Nuts”?

      Please take the tour of our web site http://www.tigernutsusa,com and we would suggest that you try our Supreme Peeled Tiger Nuts, as you can eat them right out of the bag.

      We believe our Tiger Nuts are probably the “Healthiest ‘single source’ snack food you can buy”.

      Thanks – Jack, Chief Nut at

  61. I find myself back at your site again and again since I was diagnosed with Celiac a month ago! Thank you for the information you share. Along with others, I’m kinda in shock about the Advil…I actually came across this entry searching for info on olives. I had GF pizza this weekend and noticed a lady sent her mixed greens pizza back that she ordered on GF crust because it had olives on it. I would have never thought about olives possibly having gluten. Just when I feel like I’m starting to feel a little more confident about things I find that I’m likely still eating gluten….or taking it in pill form! The Advil does explain why my belly hurts today and I wasn’t even looking for an answer to that…I just figured I was having an off day as I’m still healing.

    I have found your site to be the most informative and the one that makes me smile the most. When I read the line about knowing you have Celiac because you nap more than a preschooler, I Iaughed but wanted to cry at the same time…someone gets it and that’s an overwhelming thing to discover after decades of not feeling well. I had just given in to the fact that maybe I was just lazy and a couch potato….nothing was ever wrong with me according to the tests that were done by doctors. I’m still emotional but when I read your posts and all the great people who contribute, I feel like I’m not so alone, I’m not lazy, I’m not the only one who is frustrated. I hate that others are going through it too but support is such a helpful thing…reminds you that you will get through it because many others are too.

    I digressed quite a bit there but I guess it’s just been itching to come out! Thanks again for the info here on your site, every little bit I find is leading me to a better understanding of what I need to do in a day and that will ultimately lead to some much needed peace as I figure this all out!

  62. What about bite sized Snickers? In the past, I’d read that the bite sized are NOT gluten free…has that changed over the years?

  63. Let’s talk Miracle Whip Light. I looked it up on GF sites and it said yes – but I had a reaction. I looked it up again and found that others have had reactions. Apparently Miracle Whip is GF but “Light” – not so much. Just warning everyone!

  64. Re: Bailey’s
    thanks to new labelling laws, Bailey’s are required to list their ingredients on their label. And thanks to this wonderful new law (in Canada) I can tell you that there is no gluten listed in the ingredient list. So, unless you react to whiskey, it Is safe.
    The ingredients are
    Cream, sugar, alcohol, maltodextrin, modified milk ingredients, natural and artificial flavours, Irish whiskey, colour, glycerol, monosterate, sodium citrate

    And, since it is made in Ireland, it would be the same in the US.

      • billy,
        No, That’s MALT.

        Maltodextrin: This ingredient can be derived from different starches such as corn, rice, or wheat. In North America, corn and potato are the most common sources from which maltodextrin is made; wheat-based maltodextrin is used more frequently in Europe. Although maltodextrin can be derived from wheat, it is highly processed and purified. Recently, scientists have tested wheat-based maltodextrin using the R5 ELISA test and have found very low levels of gluten or no gluten in the finished product. As this ingredient is added to foods in small quantities, the finished products contain an insignificant amount of gluten. The European Food Safety Authority has permanently exempted wheat-based maltodextrin from food allergen labeling, based on this recent research.
        Found on this website:
        And, Canadian labelling laws REQUIRE any ingredients containing gluten to be identified by the gluten-ey name (wheat, barley, rye)
        So, if it was wheat maltodexterin, it would be labelled as such.

        It’s just because there is malt in the name, like buckwheat – also gluten free even though it has wheat in the name.

  65. I live in Canada and I buy a lot of my GF products from a company in Edmonton, Alberta called Kinnikinnick. Their donuts are fantastic especially when heated in the microwave; their pizza crusts are phenomenal; they have graham style crackers and animal crackers that I use for the base for cheesecake; Oreo-type cookies that I love; and soft, white bread that puts sandwiches back on the menu. They also have waffles and muffins and mixes that for cakes, cookies and bread. And if you are missing English muffins or bagels your search ends here. If you can’t find them in your local grocery store, go to the website and order online. You can even have a standing order that ships automatically as often as you like. For orders $50 or more, the flat shipping fee is $10 – even if you order stuff by the case!!
    They have also published a book with GF tips and a listing of a wide range of products by brand name. Here is the link to their site., just copy and paste.

    Not sure how much the book is because I got mine free – it came with one of my orders.

  66. I’ve enjoyed reading this website. Thanks! For all you who are in the dark, (am I gluten sensitive/celiac/or not?) I advise you to go online, find a laboratory that does DNA testing, and find out for sure. Blood tests are frequently wrong. Biopsy can show damage to small intestine from gluten, but if you haven’t eaten any recently, save money and bother, and skip that. I have been gluten free since June, 2006, and like all of you, I have been glued to my computer since then, learning. I found Enterolab in Texas, and after a lengthy talk with the RN who answered the phone, I felt I could trust her and the lab. I ordered the test and sent my check for $75. The test arrived quickly. I followed directions, (swab each cheek, hard, inside with one of two swabs, provided, etc.) and sent the swabs back in the packaging provided. I quickly received the results, and extensive information too, and was advised to provide copies to my children, because I have two copies of one gene for gluten insensitivity. I got one from each parent, so I have two. That was the best $75 I ever spent! I urge all of you to do the same. No more wondering. Be advised, celiac and gluten insensitivity are two points on a continuem. Ignore sensitivity, and wind up full celiac. We must be eternally vigilant! Check all labels! Ingredients change! I don’t know if Enterolab still exists. If not there must be others just as good. I don’t know that the price is the same, probably not! GOOD LUCK! Patricia

  67. I am back. I re-read my comments about DNA testing, and (horrors) found a mistake! Six lines up from the bottom of my message, I SHOULD HAVE SAID I HAVE TWO COPIES OF ONE GENE FOR “GLUTEN INTOLERANCE.”
    Not finding any button for editing my comments, I therefore added this correction. I apologize for my error, and hope it did not confuse anyone.
    I wonder if anyone decided to look into DNA testing for Celiac after reading my original comments. I would be interested in your results.

  68. I love this site. How did I miss this post? This very helpful post.

    That explains it. Generally, I try to avoid OTC medicines, but a couple months ago my mom (trying to help) went out of her way to give me a travel bottle of Advil LiquiGels ‘just in case’, because ‘they work faster than tablets’ (I had finally run out of migraine meds). I felt bad about it, but I ended up giving them back to her when taking one made me sick. Thank you. Now I know why.

    A couple years ago, I found out the hard way that the Progresso tomato soup I ate was not actually safe. Now that they label GF, I’ve tried most of the GF ones and have had no problems.

    We have a bottle of Chi-Chis taco sauce, and it does say white distilled vinegar. Only had some a couple times, but it’s gone well.

    I usually have drinks neat or very simple, so I’ve not tried any of the other-flavored options, but I’ve had no problems with any of the vodkas or Bailey’s I’ve had. My aunt left us a bottle of whipped cream vodka (I think that’s what it is). I’ve not had any, have no idea if it’s safe. I did buy and drink some wine that left me sick enough I’ve yet to have wine again. Have really enjoyed Angry Orchards offerings, though, and Strongbow is great. One of my friends absolutely loves Woodchuck.

    I did end up having to toss or give away some kitchen and a great deal of personal care items. I never knew things like soap, toothpaste, lotion, etc. could cause such a problem. Certainly never thought I would be so glad to have learned alternatives and how to make so many random things. All that information seemed pretty useless until right then.

    Learning all the details to the situation never seems to end, and some of it seems to be a little bit different for everyone. I’m so thankful people are around having a conversation about more than just the food and sharing their stories… It really helps a lot.

    Patricia – I think someone in my family threatened to order me a DNA test for Christmas. Let you know in a couple weeks.

    What the fuck are TigerNuts?

  69. Hey, so in the US, it is required for all food allergens to be listed on the label and on company websites or a phone number for additional help as far as ingredients. Bailey’s Irish Cream is not gluten free due to the Whiskey that is “fermented grains” which contain gluten.

    Here is the link to the website with the allergy information:

    Finding what is gluten free and what is not gluten free is pretty black and white in the US. However, when you go to other countries, it can get a little gray.

  70. McCormick’s Taco Seasoning Mix is marked gluten free and has no MSG. Yet, every time I use it I get a really bad headache. Anyone else?? I can’t figure out why I would be reacting to this!

    • Try a different taco mix like Ortega but read the ingredients first always or try dashing up your own taco mix:
      cayenne powder
      chili powder
      pepper flakes
      garlic powder or fresh
      salt and pepper to taste

  71. I had a bunch of campbell’s soup products (including skillet creations where you just add meat) that all listed MODIFIED FOOD STARCH. After an email to the company, they admit that there’s a chance for their sources of starch to be co-mingled with small amounts of gluten-containing grains. In addition, they weren’t able to confirm which products were corn vs wheat vs potato etc. starch based, and recommended I use my own judgement regarding their products, since they are unable to guarantee specifics on ANY of their products. :(

    • I would really suggest staying away from (pre-) prepared foods, especially soups. There tends to be cross contamination and flour is a common thickener.
      I know pre prepared foods are helpful but maybe that is what the weekend is for, to make food and freeze it and soups especially are easy to make homemade! And you can add some gluten free noodles to make a chicken noodle soup :) Plus I always have little taste testers in the kitchen, they make sure it is delicious!

  72. It’s frustrating because I’m in college & I don’t have a day to prepare food for the week!

    I’m taking classes on campus & online, interning, working part time and planning my wedding! My roommate decided to study abroad in Spain & a new roommate signed over her lease without meeting me – this roommate leaves crumbs EVERYWHERE – dishwasher, dish drying area, stove, even the freezer! I have tried cleaning but I can’t deep clean and wash every dish – I barely have time to make any food!

    So I am stuck to eating out @ the 2 places I know can make my food safely – outback (grilled chicken salads) and chickfila (grilled nugget salads) and kind bars. I JUST found a 3rd place I can eat in the small college town I live in that has 3/4 of their kitchen dedicated gfree – and they make fresh mexican food ahh!! :)

    my point though – this post is SO helpful – I am spending time I should be studying trying to figure out what made me so sick this weekend… thanks for all the info it’s beyond helpful!

  73. On the subject of vodka .. I stick with Ciroc-made from grapes. the plain is gluten free, the flavored is’s expensive but I have never had any problems with it. But I did have a bad reaction to Spud potato vodka that is certified GF and also to Barcardi Light Rum and one or two wines.. go figure? I am extremely sensitive to any trace of gluten and can’t eat grains either so I steer clear of all alcohol made from grains. I don’t trust that the distillation process removes the gluten. As far as beer goes- I never liked beer..but there are some Hard Ciders that are gluten free – they are pretty good. With wine, most wines, I do ok with. I am leery of aged wines because of reports that the barrels are sealed with wheat paste- Anyone know if this true or not? In any case Barefoot Wine is my favorite brand..It’s a cheaper wine but I honestly think it tastes better than the more expensive wines I have tried.

  74. Great source of information. I have recently had vodka derived from wheat, and didn’t feel well. Having been a Coeliac my whole life, I understood all Vodka was gf. Seems to not be the case.

    Good luck with your website. Great source of info.

  75. It would be great if you could tell us a little about wine. Several brands of wine affect me badly. I am also casein intolerant so I don’t know whether some wines have gluten or casein. I actually have decided to start making my own wine, biut knowing a few safe brands would be easier.

    • Hi Patrice. I am also casein and lactose intolerant . I had some bad reactions to a few wines. One wine- a champagne.. less than half a glass and I got extremely dizzy. I was staggering and thought I was going to black out. I know CD makes us more sensitive to alcohol -we get drunk faster with much less than most people but that was ridiculous. Clearly the problem was not because I drank too much. I could not figure out why since wine is made from fruit. You would think all wine would be gluten free ,right? So I did a little digging and found out that some wines are made in the traditional way and clarified with dairy or eggs. I have tried quite a few wines at tastings at the local liquor store and most I have not had a problem with. Not sure I could name them all. The ones I buy are usually the cheaper wines. These brands I am pretty sure are dairy free- or at least, I personally have not had any reactions to them. Barefoot, Sutter Home, Gallo, Yellow Tail, Purple Toad, Rex Goliath, Sextent, Coral Canyon. I hope this has helped.

  76. I wish that all homeowners could understand the serious dangers posed by carbon monoxide poisoning.
    Each year over twenty people are killed by carbon monoxide escaping from faulty central heating boilers and many
    hundreds more suffer ill health because of it.

  77. I am not know if you are all aware of this but there is a cure for Celiac Disease and that same cure can undoubtedly cure gluten intolerance as well. Besides, it isn’t actually gluten that causes a reaction resulting in the disease, it is processed carbohydrates.

    Take a look at Dr. Valentine Haas’ work. He cured over 300 people with Celiac Disease and it was not by eleminating gluten from the diet and none of these foods listed above should be consumed if you want to be disease free. Shelf foods cause the disease along with low Ph levels in your body… So really, you are just hurting yourself more by not eating gluten and by eating those “gluten free”foods from a box or package, but hey, that is how they make money and you lose money.

    And I still don’t understand why western medicine doesn’t spread this around like the cancer research programs, they are wasting a lot of money on finding a cure when there is a cure and there has been a cure since before they started searching for a cure. It is really rather disturbing and heart aching to see people die and suffer because of a lie made to make money. It really hurts the soul.

    And look, I know it is something really hard to accept or believe especially since ANYONE can post ANYTHING on the internet but wouldn’t you like to know what it is like to not have those restrictions anymore? I can tell you, it is wonderful and even more assuring to know that an autoimmune disease such as celiac disease is not hereditary :)
    May the LORD be with you all because He has been with me and has led me to know there is a cure for everything and I am far less ignorant now than I was in the day when I relied on a pill to cure me.

    • Cool. I’m gonna go grab a slice of pizza and a nice IPA. And to think I was wasting all this time being gluten free. I’m such a silly celiac.

      Spread your SCD Lifestyle stuff somewhere else.

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  79. I’m trying to determine if the Target Up and Up Tension Headache Relief is gluten free? Target and their website…not helpful.

    Thank you if ANYONE has the answer. ~Tess

  80. Don’t let fat cost-free or perhaps gentle meals trick anyone;
    them usually comprise copious amounts connected with one more unhealthy element.
    Individuals who have underlying medical condition should
    also consult a physician before taking this diet pill.
    Sonnie Mc – Lemore is a health and fitness blog owner.

  81. Regarding ciders…

    I ordered a Magner’s cider last week at a bar. I googled gluten free beers and found a site that said most ciders are gluten free….I then asked the bartender and he said Magner’s was gluten free. I read on the label, “natural gluten free” and I took 1 small sip and then another and pretty much in light speed I felt a twinge in my stomach. These little pains started coming on. Just to be sure I took 2 more tiny sips and I was like, OK no thanks.

    Any thoughts here?

    And, I am VERY VERY new to this whole gluten intolerance thing.

  82. Just because something is labeled gf doesn’t mean it really is. It can contain 20ppm and like myself you might be very sensitive to gluten. I can’t tolerate 1ppm! Also, I have permanent damage and can’t digest complex sugars, anything from the cabbage family even when used as a coloring agent and preservatives, just to name a few. You will have to figure things out by trial and error. Also, since you are new at this, you might find that as time goes on and your intestinal tract heals you might be able to tolerate foods later on that you can’t tolerate now. Good luck!

  83. I have a wheat allergy as well as being a Celiac. Have to grab my Epi-pen when I come in contact with even the most minuscule amount of wheat. Advil liquid gels have always been safe for me.

  84. Sweet baby Rays BbQ sauce is gluten free, Sam’s Club rotisserie Chicken is, Malt o’ Meal Chocolate pebbles cereal

  85. UPDATE: I mentioned Enterolab previously for DNA testing. They no longer do it because Enterolab did not continue its yearly certification application for its lab, required by NYS. I wrote to Gov. Cuomo about DNA tests, and got an informational answer from Michael P.Ryan, PhD, Director, NYS Dept. of Health’s Wadsworth Center Division of Laboratory Quality Certification.
    He explained that to meet NYS standards for DNA testing, a lab must apply yearly, and survive inspection of its facility, before being certified.
    He sent me the names of three labs which presently hold certification by NYS. They are: PROMETHEUS LABORATORY, ICAHN SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AT MOUNT SINAI, AND ARUP LABORATORIES.
    You can learn more about each by putting each name into your search engine.
    Also, one can not order the test directly. Your doctor must order it and must do the test, and your health insurance will cover it. It is now done by a special new DNA blood test.
    I hope this helps many of you who want a real answer to am I celiac or not?

  86. Hello, I came looking for info on craisens and saw the vodka is gluten free post. I have not read all the comments regarding vodka being gluten free, so I apologize in advance if I am late to the party, but all vodka is not gluten free. Just because alcohol has been distilled, no matter how many times if it’s 1 or 15 times, that does not mean it is gluten free, some gluten proteins can absolutely still be present. If you do not react to it, that’s great and I envy you, but others, like me, still may have a reaction. In that case, there are some very nice vodkas on the market that are made from potatoes or grapes. And they are available in all price ranges. :)

  87. Hi Gluten Dude,

    According to the Bailey’s Irish Cream website, Bailey’s is gluten free. First the site gives a disclaimer to check with one’s doctor. Then it says there is no gluten. “We are not qualified to give medical advice. If you are a person with a serious food allergy, you should consult your doctor before consuming Baileys. Your doctor can then contact us for a more detailed list of component ingredients if required.

    The information below is intended as a guide only.

    The ingredients used in Baileys are Gluten free. On the basis of this and to the best of our knowledge there are no traces of Gluten in Baileys. As we are not qualified to give medical advice persons requiring a Gluten free diet should consult their medical adviser before consuming Baileys.”

    My source for this is


    Debbie Ann

  88. I eat snickers all the time and I have not gotten sick from them. I also eat Far East and I have not gotten sick. As for hormel bacon, NEVER will I ever eat it again! I was soo sick!! I don’t know if it’s the grease bothering me since I don’t have a gall bladder or what. I can not eat any meats that come pre- seasoned like that.

  89. Bessie, there is gluten in most smoke flavoring. Also, often meat is rubbed with a gluten containing product before smoking so that the meat absorbs more smoke flavor.

  90. What about the Perdue “gluten free” chicken strips? I know not all “gluten free” labelled food is so I wasn’t sure…

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