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Glutenberg was founded on the collaboration between long-time friends, Julien Niquet and David Cayer. Julien, a born entrepreneur, always wanted to have his own company. Were it not for his gluten intolerance, it is unlikely Glutenberg would have ever been launched. David, on the other hand, never really dreamt of being an entrepreneur, until he stepped in!

glutenberg gluten free beerThe idea of brewing gluten-free beer was first discussed at the beginning of winter 2011. Thanks to the support of friends and relatives, they were able to raise the funds required to buy the equipment and recruited the right brewer, Gabriel Charbonneau, who saw their ad on Facebook!

More than a year and a half later, after dozens of tests, they finally produced a perfect gluten-free beer. A golden blonde, dry, perfectly hoppy, with notes of lemon peel, but most important of all, a gluten-free beer that tasted like real beer! This was unheard of, in a market that had existed for ten years. The Glutenberg Blonde was thus born.

Glutenberg’s popularity was instantaneous in Canada, right from the beginning of the brewery’s operations in July of 2011. The launch of the Glutenberg Red and the Glutenberg American Pale Ale in December of 2011 largely contributed to its fast-growing success. May 2012 marked a major milestone in the history of the young company, when Glutenberg made it big at an event held in San Diego, California. The brewery won the gold, silver and bronze awards in the “Gluten-free beer category” at the World Beer Cup. A first in the history of the brewing industry’s most important competition in the world.

From that day onward, the growth of the company sped up exponentially. Quickly enough, Glutenberg not only established itself as the best gluten-free beer in the world, but also as a great beer, period.

Today, Glutenberg beers are available throughout all of Canada, in 16 American states (Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Georgia, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Washington, California), in Italy and even in Brazil.

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