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    Love your writing style. and had one of your margaritas last night. You’re right. The orange juice was a nice touch. Thank you.

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    Erin Smith

    When I tell people I am gluten-free one of the first things they say is “What??? No beer??” Luckily there are more options available. Have you tried New Planet beer yet? It is one of the best beers on the market.

    Also, there are a lot of creative vodkas out there. I read about one made from honey and another from grapes.

    Tequila is safe too. ;-)

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      The Gluten Dude

      Love New Planet and also love Greens (but boy are they strong).

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      Pim Zond

      I think much error is being accepted in terms of alcohol and celiac disease. Based on my personal Celiac experience and my mother’s Celiac and auto-immune hepatitis condition, alcohol is not recommended for a celiac patient at all.

      My GP, hematologist, gastroentorologist and my hepatoligist concur.

      The idea being that the liver is the most common major organ to be affected by Celiac, (plus of course bones and intestines,)

      I would make a common sense case against alcohol consumption across the board. I have since stopped drinking completely, i.e alcohol in every ingestion damages the liver in some small way, and can, but not always trigger an autoimmune response in the organ, which usually can’t be reversed.

      I am speaking from my own and my family experience, a lot may be hereditary, but not all. Err on the side of caution. I’m not taking the chance, since I have committed 100% percent to a gluten-free life, (as much as humanly possible) I certainly can completely eliminate the alcohol related risk on my body.
      That’s my opinion.

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        No offense Pim, but you killed my buzz

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    Bard’s Beer isn’t on the list! And it’s fabulous.

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      The Gluten Dude

      Yeah…I am not a big fan of the Bards…sorry.

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    I want to know the name of the beer to drink for celiac people. I like beer once in a blu moon when it is really hot. I live in toronto I just want a know names of beer for celliac people.


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    The Gluten Dude

    Hi Ines. I just wrote another blog post about some good gluten free beers. Here is the link:


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    Before being diagnosed with Celiac Disease (lowest Vitamin D on record), I never drank liquors, so I am clueless. What can I order without the fear of getting sick. I’ve been ordering Patron, but that is getting expensive and I’m drunk before I know it. Tangeray and Tonic sounds good, but I don’t want a girly drink in a bar – like a margarita, although I do love it. What are some vodka drinks? Can I drink Gin? I am staying away from the brown liquors as I am not taking any chances, I don’t care how distilled they are.

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    I had a drink with Galliano last night and I definitely think it had gluten. I can’t find information on it, though. Are flavored liquors safe?

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    I am still in a lot of confusion about my condition I was only diagnosed two weeks ago with celiac disease anyone with any info for me would be greatly appreciated x

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      Gluten Dude

      It take time for it to sink in. You’ll go thru all the stages. But you’ll find peace with it eventually. We have a great community here who love helping others. Stick around. Wishing you health.


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    I hv cd.. I was 30 32 kg till 18 year of my age. When diagnosed I gained 45kg weight in two year with hardcore gym training and beeerrr.. oh yeah

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    Distillation does NOT make grain alcohol safe for celiac disease patients. You need to update this post!

    This misconception stems from the fact that, if you catch CD early enough, you may not feel pain or other severe symptoms when exposed to small amounts of gluten, so you think that the distilled alcohol isn’t hurting you. ALL grain alcohol is damaging your intestine, no matter how many times it was distilled. Distillation does not break gluten up enough- components such as gliadin remain intact and continue to cause an immune reaction. My fiance, who went undiagnosed for a long time, has tried these supposedly safe distilled vodkas and was violently sick every time.

    You think having celiac disease is bad, try Lupus, Crohn’s, or colorectal cancer- all diseases you put yourself at risk for if you consume ANY amount of gluten regularly.

    As pointed out by Pim Zond above, liquor is probably not great for you anyway if you have CD. Why double your risk by consuming gluten while you drink?

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      Gluten Dude

      That’s simply not accurate TC. It has been proven by all of the experts that the distillation process does indeed remove all gluten.

      And there is no need to compare diseases…it doesn’t serve a purpose except to belittle those with “less” of a disease.




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