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    laura west kong

    Honestly, your posts scare me. Something like looking in a mirror when I read them, except we haven’t yet confirmed what’s wrong with me (still going through a battery of tests).

    Last week I got an earful from my doctor about overdoing the exercise while my gut is not healed. So yeah, maybe training for a marathon in the midst of all this wasn’t my best decision ever. One weekend I’m running 10 miles and feeling great, the next time it’s the training session from hell and 10 days later I can still barely get out of bed in the morning. So how can you tell when you should back off and take it easy?

    Then again it could have been something questionable that I ate, or any combination of unknown things…

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    The Gluten Dude

    Hi Laura. Yes indeed, there seems to be a lot of us out there. The only consistent thing about my health is its inconsistency.

    Have you been tested specifically for celiac yet?

    It is the unknown of it all that is driving my crazy…

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      laura west kong

      Not specifically.

      Don’t know how much good celiac testing would do. I haven’t had gluten since March, except for the random cross contamination. If it turned out positive how would that change my life? What are they going to say, don’t eat gluten.

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    The Gluten Dude

    Good point, but I think there’s power in knowledge. If you indeed had celiac, the random cross contamination would really be hurting you. The bad news is that to get an accurate diagnoses, you need to eat gluten. I know…kinda sux, doesn’t it?

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      laura west kong

      Had to think about that one for awhile.

      I don’t cheat on gluten, ever. The one thing I know for sure is its my primary migraine trigger. A lifetime of misery: gone. It would be really hard to purposefully go there. If my doctor caught me on a particularly bad day I might agree. When I feel good I try really hard to stay that way.

      Coffee, on the other hand, now there’s a temptation…

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    It’s weird – before being diagnosed with Celiac disease and going gluten-free, I was a total binge eater! I needed to eat at least every couple hours, and when I’d eat, I’d finish an entire bag of tortilla chips or sometimes a half gallon of ice cream! Since going gluten-free, I very rarely am able to over-eat. My “full” signal seems to finally work!

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      Same here! Except starving comes back some days after being glutened… and again some days later, when I get definitely better, it stops :)

      Some reasons why you’re still sick :
      1. I DO NOT KNOW, but maybe the post’s author (hope you’ll read this) still eats too much gluten for his body without knowing it… I actually get glutened with lots of “gluten free” foods (20ppm is definitely too much for me and brings me back to hell).
      2. If I were you (but I’m not), I would eat 100% gluten free (nothing industrial, rice labelled, etc), for a while see if it stops…
      And if not, try to note everything you eat and your reactions for a while, just to check everything you eat, see if there’s something you’re sensitive too.
      3. It could also be that you can tolerate “gluten free” foods (20ppm), but not as much as when you eat them a lot (and the addition of all that gluten may cause glutening).

      These are just ideas…

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    promila panda

    I have recently been diagnosed with gluten. I do skip walking for 15 minutes and run on thread mill for 6 minutes. Do yoga and light exercise for 30 minutes that include stretching and chakra asana .I guess I am not doing any harm to my body. Kindly1 suggest .


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