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    Thanks Dude… You make my day. Celiac disease sucks big time as we who have it knows. 😎👍🎶

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      Gluten Dude

      Always happy to brighten anyone’s day.

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    Was NOT aware of the tattoos or piercings, but yes to all the rest of it! Keep up the good work. (Actually, I wasn’t aware of the fly in your coffee , but I am now!)

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    Gluten Dude

    A few more tattoos and I’m done. And hopefully no more flies :-)

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    Are you all aware that Portland cement has between 1-2 per cent wheat flour in the ingredients. When they load the bags of cement into your vehicle the cement becomes airborne. Are you aware that you can inhale gluten? You can ask me how I know this. I researched for 2 weeks to find this out. It took a while to figure this out so learn from my knowledge. You are welcome.

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    This info would explain why I would get sometimes get glutened while working at The Home Depot! I got a job there when I could no longer work in my pizza shop after learning that breathing gluten was just as bad as eating it. Geez!


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