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    All my best to you, Dad & your beautiful, intelligent 3rd grader! Sounds like she’ll be just fine with you watching her back!

    My baby girl (newly married & 22 but always still my baby girl) left last night, after 5 weather delays & a plane change for mechanical problems, for her first week long meeting with her new international employer. As a result of the delays, there was no guarantee she’d make her connection to her final destination. This old Dad could only imagine my 8 yr old baby sitting by herself at a huge airport gate at 2 am waiting for the 1st flight out at 6 am. I had to put the FEAR out of my heart and mind and trust she was prepared and would make great decisions as she has always done.

    Our parental FEARS only change shapes and circumstances, but our beautiful, intelligent daughters conquer every test as they progress. My baby girl made her last connection & safely into her hotel room early this morning many miles farther away than I can hop in the car and go help her. At 5:30 am, my best golf buddy emailed to me pictures of his new grandbaby girl, which his baby girl had just delivered into this world.

    Mom, I know you & your baby girl will ROCK the Third Grade! As tough as big bad gluten is on me and your baby girl, gluten fears, when properly organized and faced , pale into subdued comparison with empty international airports at 2:00 am and knucklehead (just kidding…) sons-in-law.

    All my best wishes for you & your beautiful daughter for a safe and healthy 2015/16 school year!

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    Thank you for this post! I will print it for MY 3rd grade daughter with celiac disease who starts school in two days. Meeting with her teacher and new principal tomorrow.

    Every word you wrote was as if I had written it. The same fears, the same responses, the same love for our daughters.

    And yes… let’s kick G’s butt this year!

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    What a great story!
    AND so true. Fear is always present when we choose to OR are forced to eat anything that someone else prepared. We always have to wonder if they really get it. Do they understand how sick a Celiac gets from even the unseen tiny amounts of gluten?
    While I appreciate the optimism of an 8 year old in not wanting to face the fact that Celiac is a disease, it is true that “we THE CELIAC COMMUNITY are all responsible for sticking together and raising awareness.” Part of that is accepting that it IS a disease in every sense of the word DIS-EASE. Using the wrong terms does little to help us face the reality. Pretending that it is merely a “life style choice” implies that we have a choice to eat gluten. In this crazy world where chefs actually fed people dangerous foods ON PURPOSE, every single one of us has the responsibility to accept that having any disease carries honor and purpose in this life.

    We have only language to communicate with others and help them to understand. Sometimes we have to accept a label for ourselves to understand our place in this world first. Then we can facilitate cooperation among peoples with different needs and be an agent for change for everyone who suffers with any disease.

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    mark richardson

    Hey GD!

    Purchased some chocolate covered toffee made by Enstrom’s out of Colorado from local CostCo. It is marked ” Certified Gluten Free” but later says something akin to ” made at a plant that processes nuts,flour etc” How can the two exist together?



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