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    Not only a slow clap but a standing freaking ovation with shouts of Encore! Encore! Go Meredith! She pretty much covered every single rant I have as the parent of a child with celiac….and we don’t even eat that much of the processed junk that is out there!! But it sure would be nice to just have something I can grab and go without worrying, constantly.

    You’re right, Dude. Gwyneth needs to shut up and quickly.

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      Gluten Dude

      [nodding my head in agreement]

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    Preach it, Meredith. And thank you, Gluten Dude, for raising our awareness again (and again and again….)

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      Gluten Dude

      and again…and again…lol

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    Wow! What an incredible series of tweets! I hope this doesn’t fall on more deaf ears (or rather blind eyes). This deserves a standing ovation.

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    So true. Most of what she peddles is quackery. What’s worse, she believes wholeheartedly that it isn’t.

    Still, your intro is not okay, Dude. Never okay for a dude to “heckle” a woman with sexual innuendo. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but totally sounds like you’re saying you want a video of her vagina. REALLY?! You’re way better than that. She’s easy enough to heckle without it — you have literally zero reason to ever stoop to bro “jokes” that are really just the kind of harassment women have to deal with everyday. The intro needs to change pronto.

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      Gluten Dude

      I did not mean a video of HER. Sorry for the implication. I meant cause I don’t have one. I’ll clarify.

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    This is what happens when your agent says “Hey GF just got FDA sanction (in 2014, final ruling), market opportunity for a book.” And you hear: “You can be the savior of millions of people who desperately need something they’ve never heard of.” Bingo, 2015 book.

    She’s not the first celebrity to cause a cult of personality effect. I wish she was the most malevolent example.


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